Monthly Archives: June 2009

New BFRA website

Over the past few months we have been monitoring the website and realised that we have a LOT of Internet visitors. Therefore we felt we should re-develop the website and hopefully give a more informative view of the work we do and give our members the opportunity to comment. This may look like a normal website but it isn’t – it’s something called a Blog Site which means that everything is available for posts, comments and editorial.

If you would like to add anything then please register on the right hand panel. An email will shortly follow which will send a login password. Once initially logged on you can change your password to something that will be more familiar to you. The dashboard will allow you to make comments and new posts.

The Calendar has our events displayed in red. Click on the red date and more information will be displayed such as time and location of the event.

As for the rest of the site, just have fun and let us know what you think via the “Contact Us ” tab!

Police Warning

Suffolk Police and Suffolk Trading Standards are warning people to be on their guard for companies that target the vulnerable by cold-calling for the purpose of selling mobility equipment.  These calls are often followed by a personal visit from a salesperson who uses hard-sell techniques to persuade the customer to buy mobility aids that they might not want.

For further advice or anyone who feels that they might be a victim of this type of sales technique, please contact Suffolk Trading Standards on 0845 4040506.

Thank you
The Police Direct Team