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Growler 27th April – Market Hall

There are tickets still available on the door!

Live band ‘Growler’ return to The Market Hall, Saxmundham on Saturday 27th April.

Growler cover from early 70’s classic songs to modern day rock covers. They are influenced by

Growler Poster

Jimmy Hendrix, The Clash, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, ZZ Top and then right through to bands such as Kings of Leon, Blur, Kaiser Chiefs, The Strokes and the Raconteurs to name but a few.

Doors open at 7:45pm and you can book advance tickets with the organisers below.
A fully licensed bar will operate within the Market Hall with lager, Adnams real ale, wines spirits and mixers at very competitive prices.
We are assisting in raising money to help go towards the restoration of the (Meerkat) Market Hall, Saxmundham IP17 1AF.

Tickets £4. Please phone Terry on 07771 877454, Dave on 605621 or on the door.

BFRA Christmas Party 2012

On Sunday 16th DeceBFRA Xmas 2012 032mber, Brook Farm Residents Association held their very first Children’s Christmas Party at The Fromus Centre, Seaman Avenue, Saxmundham.

There were around 40 children with their parents or guardians who saw them become creative with all sorts of craft work including making Christmas biscuits and decorating baubles. Father Christmas turned up with free gifts and even little elves helped out. They can be seen (Molly Gates, Alicia Hailey with Kylan Hailey) just before the day got going.

The scheme was thought up by Tracy Brinded from the BFRA committee whBFRA Xmas 2012 013o said that if all goes well, she will be happy to run a further party at Christmas 2013 and involve even more children.

The funds (Approx £500) for the day, came from BFRA hard earned money, which was made up from Music Nights and subscriptions from the year.

BFRA would like to thank The Fromus Centre for renting the rooms at such a reasonable rate enabling us to bring together a number of people all under one roof.  We shall certainly return for further events in the year.

BFRA Xmas 2012 023

Rubbish Broadband in Saxmundham

How has your broadband behaved after the recent “upgrade” from BT? Disconnections, reduced bandwidth, having to reset the router….yes, us too. We would appreciate your help here. Please go to and test your broadband and send the results to  along with any issues you may be experiencing. If we find commonality we can approach BT with our communal complaints. Please note that any personal information sent will not be forwarded to ANY 3rd party.

Telephone Exchange Upgrade – 26th June

As per our recent newsletter, BT are upgrading our Exchange:

On 26-Jun-12, we’ll be upgrading your local phone exchange. That means you’ll get a stronger, more reliable broadband connection. (It might make it a bit faster, too.)

What will happen on the day?

At some point before 6pm, we’ll switch off your broadband and phone for a few minutes. They should restart again automatically when we’ve finished the upgrade. But if they don’t, just turn your BT Home Hub off and on again. If you’re not using your BT Home Hub or BT supplied hub-router at the moment, we recommend you reconnect it to get the best out of your broadband. It’ll also help us fix problems if any crop up.

When will the upgrade be finished?

Although the technical stuff will all happen on 26-Jun-12, your line will need some time to settle down. That’ll take up to ten days. Your broadband might slow down or even stop now and again. But don’t worry, that’s normal.

The best thing to do is leave your BT Home Hub on and use your broadband as much as you like. Then your line should settle fairly quickly

Recent Down Time

My apologies for the recent down time. This was due to the site being attacked and subsequently compromised. Users of older versions of Internet Explorer were redirected to a viral website. I would rather we had no website than inflict something nasty on your PC’s. I have had a test website running for the last few weeks with many security changes – complete registration and post blocking which will help secure the site for the future. Time is a struggle for me but I intend getting the site back to full operation over the next few weeks. In the mean time upgrade your version of IE or better still get a superior one (Internet Explorer is garbage) such as Google Chrome

Follow up from the parking survey

From the minutes of the BFRA meeting held 13th March 2012

For the benefit of the meeting, Terry explained some background information about what had been proposed and why we decided to distribute a survey questionnaire to all the houses within the Brook Farm estate.  He advised that so far we have received 160 replies and the information contained therein will be passed on to the authorities concerned including Ray Leighton and Keith Mayo.  The final decision as to what, if any, restrictions will be implemented will be theirs and it is hoped they will benefit all concerned. Terry said he has received an email from Ray Leighton which welcomes our initiative in this matter and suggesting a meeting to discuss it further.

Mr. King asked if the survey was sent per household or per individual and was informed it was per household.

Mr. Griffiths advised that he lives opposite the Primary School and, in his opinion, the main problems occur opposite the playing field. He does not think there are problems elsewhere outside the school so long as the normal restrictions (like parking on Zig Zag lines) are properly enforced.

Terry explained that Saxmundham will shortly have a new Police Sergeant taking over, covering Saxmundham, Leiston and Framlingham and there is every reason to hope that restrictions are enforced.

Mr. King told the meeting that he believes there have been four traffic accidents in Brook Farm Road over the past two years, none of which could be attributed to parked vehicles.  He suggested speed humps be installed near the top of Brook Farm Road and that traffic calming measures could be discussed with the Council at the proposed meeting.  Mr. Bull said he has had a letter from our MP, Dr Coffey, dated 27th February 2012 saying that she and Ray Leighton will have a look at the situation shortly. It was agreed BFRA could request accident statistics. It was also suggested that BFRA could request a speed indicator over a period of time to monitor possible speeding.

Terry stated that the main area of concern from the survey seemed to be the top end of the estate near the junction with Rendham Road and the parked vehicles preventing clear visibility. It was discussed that Brook Farm Road was a continual through road and a suggestion was made that we ask for a traffic count in the area.

John Bull suggested that if the Highways Department decide not to implement any parking restrictions, we might consider taking steps to try to mediate with the residents at the top end of Brook Farm Road in an attempt to get an amicable solution to the visibility problem.

Terry repeated what he had said earlier that BFRA were remaining entirely unbiased in the matter although individual Committee members have been able to express their personal views via the survey.