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Vehicle Crime Brook Farm Road

Police are appealing for information following a number of incidents in Saxmundham overnight Friday 4th to Saturday 5th January.

A blue Vauxhall Astra was stolen from Brook Farm Road in Saxmundham sometime between 5pm Friday and 9am Saturday. The burnt out vehicle was later found at Landseer Park in Ipswich. Damage was also caused to the ignition cover of a Ford Escort parked in the same street.

In Tennyson Road one vehicle was pushed from a garage and left nearby, an insecure garage and car were entered and searched and an attempt made to prise open the doors of a third vehicle.

In Saxon Road a door of a Vauxhall Astra was damaged, a Honda motorcycle was moved from a driveway to a nearby car park and a satnav stln from an insecure car.

In Lincoln Avenue a car window was smashed, in Deben Avenue a Vauxhall Corsa was pushed down the road and damage caused to the ignition cowling and in Seaman Avenue a Ford Focus was pushed from a driveway and the ignition cowling similarly damaged.


And at around 4.55am Saturday two males were disturbed searching a vehicle parked in Henley Close – nothing was stolen.


Anyone with information relating to any of these incidents is asked to contact Suffolk Police on 101 reference LE/13/16

Brook Farm Burglary

Three men have been arrested on suspicion of burglary and theft from motor vehicles following a series of incidents that happened in Saxmundham last month.

Golf clubs, wine, cash, a satellite navigation system, sunglasses and CDs were among the items stolen from three vehicles at Thurlow Close overnight Monday 23 – Tuesday 24 July, and there was also a burglary at a garage in the road.

There was an attempted theft from another car parked in Tennyson Road during the same period and a garage and two vehicles at Heron Close were also entered – with an in-car DVD system stolen from one of the cars.

All of the vehicles had been left insecure.

Police arrested the three men – a 23-year-old and two 33-year-olds, all from Ipswich – yesterday, Wednesday 29 August.

They were taken into custody at Martlesham Police Investigation Centre where they were interviewed by officers and have now been bailed to return to police on October 12, pending further enquiries.


Please use the following link to pass useful information to Suffolk Police about any incident.

Garage Burglaries Saxmundham

Police would like to remind residents to keep sheds, garages and vehicles secure following two garage burglaries in the Saxmundham area overnight Monday 23rd July.


Between 8pm Monday and 5am Tuesday entry was gained to an insecure garage in Heron Road, Saxmundham and a search made of an insecure vehicle parked within.


And in Thurlow Close between 10.30pm Monday and 5.15am Tuesday a mountain bike was stolen from an insecure garage and a search made of an insecure vehicle parked on the driveway. The bike was recovered a short distance away.


Calls relating to these incidents should be made to Suffolk Police on 101 reference LE/12/825


Brook Farm Road Burglary

On Saturday 25th February between 3am and 5am on Brook Farm Road, Saxmundham offenders have entered a property via an insecure rear door. Drawers and cupboards on the ground floor were searched and a handbag and contents, 22-inch television, cake slice with pink handle and flower design and a canteen of cutlery were taken from within.

Were you in the area at the time, did you see anything suspicious? Do you know the name of the offender or offenders? If you have any information please contact Suffolk Police on 101 quoting reference LE/12/221.

Please use the following link to pass useful information to Suffolk Police about any incident.


Police Direct Team

Theft and Fraud

A large amount of lead was removed from the roof of a building on Lambsale Meadow in Saxmundham between 8pm Monday 16th & 8.55am Tuesday 17th January. The lead was later found abandoned in wheelie bins in the river. Police would like to trace three men in hooded tops and were in a green coloured car, possibly an estate, who were seen acting suspiciously near the building at around 8.55am Tuesday morning. If you can help identify these three men or have any information about this theft please contact Leiston police by dialling 101 quoting reference LE/12/69


Please use the following link to pass any useful information to Suffolk Police about this incident. DO NOT USE THIS LINK IN AN EMERGENCY OR IN A SITUATION THAT REQUIRES AN IMMEDIATE POLICE RESPONSE WHEN YOU SHOULD RING 999. Police Direct Team

Suffolk Constabulary are warning people to be on their guard against the following frauds, which are currently being reported to us on a regular basis :-

1. You receive a telephone call from a person claiming to work for Microsoft and informing you that you have numerous errors and faults on your computer which they can clean up for you if you give them remote access to your computer and pay them a fee using a credit or debit card. Never reveal your card details to anyone who calls you and of whom you have no previous knowledge. This is a fraud – every computer will contain an error log, but it does not mean there are faults with the system. It is simply a means of Microsoft improving their products and they will never ring you to ask for details or tell you your machine needs cleaning. It is this error log the caller directs you to in an effort to convince you they are genuine.

2. You apply for a loan over the internet and receive a call back from someone offering to assist you with the loan, but first you have to prove you can meet the payments by purchasing a Ukash voucher or similar and calling them back with the number of the voucher, or transferring money via a money wiring service. This is a fraud – you will never see the loan and you will lose the money you have spent on the voucher or transfer. No reputable loan company will ever employ this method and Ukash vouchers are not intended for this type of transaction.

If you have any concerns over possible frauds then please visit for advice, or if you have been a victim of crime then please contact Suffolk Constabulary via 101.

Don’t give burglars a Christmas present

Police are urging residents to secure their home this winter in a bid to ensure that thieves are not given any presents this Christmas or New Year.

With Christmas fast approaching many homes will be full of valuable gifts. Leaving your home unlocked, all in darkness and with valuables on view under the tree could mean an easy target for criminals.

Suffolk Police are today issuing their top 10 tips to beat the burglar and keep all your gifts safe.

Detective Superintendent Stuart Sedgwick says these simple precautions may be enough to significantly reduce the chances of your home being targeted.

“Winter often means an increase in burglaries as this gives criminals the cover of darkness and as most of us put lights on as soon as we get in, it’s can be easy for them to identify properties where there is no one at home.

“Victims of burglary sometimes make it easier still for the burglar with doors open, keys about, presents all in one place, bags left out to put it all in, car on drive ready to drive away. Therefore we are encouraging all residents to follow our tips and not give burglars an easy ride.

“We are also asking residents to keep an eye on your neighbours homes. Burglars wander around looking for chances. Our best opportunity of catching them in the act is for you to spot them before they break in. Wherever you live keep an eye out for strangers and please call 999 immediately if you see something unusual. This could be someone hanging around outside a property, someone carrying unboxed electrical goods or unusual items, such as heavy bags or pillowcases, or clambering over fences, etc.

“We would rather be called by a dozen people and find it is a false alarm than not be called at all.

“And if you hear about stolen property being offered or sold please tell us. One day it may be your property they’re trying to sell and under those circumstances you’d appreciate someone else giving us a call.

These are Suffolk Police’s top 10 tips to help prevent burglary:

1.      Prevent access to rear of property (eg high lockable gates-walls, fences).

2.      Fit British-standard five-lever Mortise locks (or UPVC equivalent) to all external doors.

3.      Fit (and use) locks to all ground-floor windows and remove keys from locks.

4.      Rear garden fencing/walls should be approximately 6ft, preferably with additional topping (eg trellis or plastic strips with conical points to make climbing difficult). Homeowners should pay particular attention to fences and walls that adjoin alleyways, footpaths or open land.

5.      Reduce cash kept in the house to a minimum and ensure good quality jewellery is not left in jewellery boxes or dressing tables.

6.      Security mark (with house number and postcode) desirable items (eg flatscreen televisions, laptops, mobile telephones and games consoles) and record details and photograph for reference in the event of theft.

7.      Fit additional padlocks and hasps on garage doors-ensure no tools left out and garages and sheds locked.

8.      Do not hide spare keys unsecured outside properties.

9.      Use timer plugs to give the impression property is inhabited when empty.

10.    Consider fitting a burglar alarm as a back up.

For more information about safeguarding your home and property you can contact your local police crime reduction officer on 101 or visit

Police are also keen to encourage new Neighbourhood Watch groups in Suffolk. To find out more about how to start one in your street contact your community watch liaison officer on 101.

Saxmundham & Framlingham Safer Neighbourhood Team

Saxmundham & Framlingham Safer Neighbourhood Team will be holding their next public forum and tasking meeting on Wednesday 14 December at Framlingham Police Station, Saxmundham Road, Framlingham. You’re invited along to the premises police share with the fire service for the meeting which starts at 2pm and gives you the opportunity to have your say on what should be the priorities for action over the next few weeks. If you have any issues you’d like to raise with police or partner agencies, such as crime, anti-social behaviour or parking concerns, or if you’d just like to hear what is being done in your community, you’re welcome to attend.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Kind regards,

Saxmundham & Framlingham SNT

Saxmundham & Framlingham Safer Neighbourhood Team

Saxmundham & Framlingham Safer Neighbourhood Team is holding Street meetings on Tuesday 6 December at Market Hill, Framlingham, between 10am and 12 noon and also on 7 December at Market Hill, High Street, Saxmundham, IP17 1AF between 10am and 12 noon. Please feel free to come along to talk to your local officers about any issues affecting your community.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Saxmundham & Framlingham Safer Neighbourhood Team

The Saxmundham & Framlingham Safer Neighbourhood Team

The Saxmundham & Framlingham Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) are holding a burglary awareness information day on Sunday 27 November.

PC Kevin Stollery and PCSO Thora Taylor will be taking the mobile police station to two locations during the day – the Waitrose store at Saxmundham from 11am to 1pm and Framlingham Co-Op from 1.30pm to 3.30pm.

One of the current priorities for Saxmundham & Framlingham is burglary awareness and reduction measures, which includes promoting better home security and encouraging ‘eyes and ears’ to keep vigilant for unusual behaviour.

This includes urging residents to lock up and take steps such as putting lights on timers to make it appear as though someone is at home as well as promoting the use of 999 if you notice anything suspicious.

PCSO Taylor says; “We’ll be there with plenty of information on home security, including tips to keep your property secure, as well as leaflets on other crime reduction topics such as shed security. We will be offering a number of security devices including bike locks, personal attack alarms, shed alarms and purse alarms for sale and this is also an opportunity just to have a chat with us or to raise any issues of concern.”

All are welcome to attend at either location.

Police Direct Team

Burglaries – Aldeburgh and Saxmundham

Police are appealing for information after two house burglaries yesterday, Tuesday 1 November.
One happened at a home in Park Road in Aldeburgh between 10am and 4.20pm. Someone broke into the property, made a search and stole items including a silver diamond ring, three copper jugs, a 30-inch flat screen TV, an 18-inch high Victorian brass table lamp, an antique chess box and silverware.
The second incident happened at a home in Leiston Road in Saxmundham between 11.50am and 5pm. Someone gained entry to a home there and stole jewellery and a brass mantelpiece clock.  Several car batteries were also stolen from a garage at the address.
Police are linking the incidents and are asking anyone who may have seen anything suspicious in these areas, or anyone with information about who took the items or where they are now, to call DC 1368 Rose at Leiston CID on 101 quoting reference LE/11/1309 and LE/11/1308.