1. The Association shall be called the Brook Farm Residents Association (BFRA). 

2. “Brook Farm” is roughly defined as being the 600+ households on/off Brook Farm Road – bordered by the A12 to the West, Carlton Park to the North, The B1121 (Kelsale Road) to the East and the B1119 (Rendham Road) to the South. The precise composition of “Brook Farm”, by road, can be found at the BFRA website page and click Join Us.

3. The Association shall be a non-political, non-sectarian and democratic organisation formed to represent the residents of “Brook Farm”. 

It shall have the objectives of promoting the quality of life of the residents, the environment and the amenities in “Brook Farm”. 
It shall actively promote the views of the members of the Association and a sense of Community within the area. 
It will work and co-operate with local organisations to achieve these ends. 
4. Membership shall be available to any household of “Brook Farm” on payment of the annual subscription due on 1st June each year. The subscription is currently £3.00 per household, but the rate of annual subscriptions shall be subject to review and approval by the members at the AGM. Any person from Saxmundham may be eligible for associate membership.

5. An Executive Committee, consisting of 5 – 6 delegates elected to represent “Brook Farm”, shall undertake the management of the Association. These delegates will elect Officers of the Association from their number to act as Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Officer. 

6. The Executive Committee shall meet monthly to transact the ordinary business of the Association and any member of the Association may attend these meetings as an observer. 

7. There shall be a quorum when at least one third of the number of members of the Executive Committee for the time being or three members of the Executive Committee, whichever is the greater, are present at a meeting. 

8. Every matter shall be determined by a majority of votes of the members of the Executive Committee present and voting on the question but in the case of equality of votes the chairman of the meeting shall have a second or casting vote. 

9. The Executive Committee shall keep minutes, in a file kept for the purpose, of the proceedings at meetings of the Executive Committee and any sub-committee. 

10. The Executive Committee may from time to time make and alter rules for the conduct of their business, the summoning and conduct of their meetings and the custody of documents. No rule may be made which is inconsistent with this constitution. 

11. The Executive Committee may appoint one or more sub-committees consisting of two or more members of the Executive Committee for the purpose of making any inquiry or supervising or performing any function or duty which in the opinion of the Executive Committee would be more conveniently undertaken or carried out by a subcommittee: provided that all acts and proceedings of any such subcommittees shall be fully and promptly reported to the Executive Committee. 

12. The funds of the Organisation, including all donations, contributions and bequests, shall be paid into an account operated by the Executive Committee in the name as the Organisation at such bank as the Executive Committee from shall from time to time decide. All cheques drawn on the account must be signed by at least two members of the Executive Committee. 

13. The funds belonging to the Organisation shall be applied only in furthering the objects. 

14. Committee members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall serve for a term of one year but shall be eligible for re-election each year. 

15. All positions within the Association are honorary and each Committee member must declare any active association with any political party or any interest in matters being considered. 

16. An Annual General Meeting will be held each year, between April – June for the purpose of receiving reports from the Executive Committee, to receive the audited accounts of the Association, to elect an auditor and to elect the Executive Committee members for the following year. All residents will receive 21 days notice of the Annual General Meeting. Each member (over 18) has the right to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting. 

17. There shall be a quorum at an AGM when at least ten (10) individual members (over 18 years of age) of the Organisation are present. 

18. Any group of fifteen (15) member households may request an Extra-ordinary Meeting to consider any matter of concern and a meeting must be called within 21 days of any valid request. All residents will be given 21 days notice of any Extra-ordinary Meeting together with details of the issues to be considered and every member has the right to attend and vote at the meeting. 

12. The Secretary will maintain minutes of all meetings and these will be signed by the Chairman to confirm their accuracy and completeness. The Treasurer will maintain proper books of account for the Association. Any member shall be entitled to inspect both the minutes and the accounting records by arrangement or at the Annual General Meeting. 

19. The Association shall be entitled to suspend or cancel the membership of any member who fails to conform to the rules of the Association or whose continued membership, in the opinion of the members, would be prejudicial to the interests of the Association. No sanction shall be applied against any member unless the member concerned has been given a reasonable opportunity to be heard at the meeting called to consider the matter. 

20. Any group of twelve (12) member households may propose changes to the Constitution and an Extra-ordinary meeting must be called within 21 days of any valid request. Any amendment to the Constitution must be accepted by at least a 2/3 majority of the members attending that meeting. 

21. If the Executive Committee decides that it is necessary or advisable to dissolve the Organisation it shall call a meeting of all members of the Organisation, of which not less than 21 days’ notice (stating the terms of the resolution to be proposed) shall be given. If the proposal is confirmed by a two-thirds majority of those present and voting the Executive Committee shall have power to realise any assets held by or on behalf of the Organisation. Any assets remaining after the satisfaction of any proper debts and liabilities shall be given or transferred to such other voluntary institutions having objects similar to the objects of the Organisation as the members of the Organisation may determine or failing that shall be applied for some other charitable purpose. The Organisation must draw up the statement of accounts, or account and statement, for the final accounting period for the records. 

~ END ~