AGM 2013

Minutes of AGM

Monday 15th April 2013






1. Present at meeting


Terry Barrow, Neil Thomson, Colin Dennison, Carolyn & Nigel Hiley; Ian Tickle, Tracy Brinded, Dave & Chris Martin, Pam McGowan, Val Morgan, Jess Spall. Don Tricker and Brenda Gibberd.







Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Chris Lucas and Lorraine Rodway.


Chairman’s Report (Terry Barrow)


We have not held an AGM for a couple of years now and felt it was time to report back to the members as to the position of BFRA. The reasons for not holding an AGM is due to the fact of poor attendance or in fact no attendance. I can say that the funds and activities are run in line with the constitution and run very professionally.


BFRA have thought about re-branding of the Association to save folding and to Re focus for the community needs of the people in the area. This was almost the position last year until we made an appeal for further committee members and help. I am pleased to say that we did recruit further help which will help us through the forthcoming years.


We are 10 years of age this year and we still have committee members who were here at the inception. I would like to thank those committee members for their past help and also thank the members who have supported us over the years.


Our membership has stayed consistent throughout the years with about 50% of the households supporting us. We have kept the figure of £3 per household for many years now. Please support us again this year.


Our new membership representative, Dave Martin, is gathering a large group of road reps to collect membership. Our drive will commence in late may to early June. The summer newsletter will also be available and posted to all houses around that time. I would like to thank Dave who has organised name/photo ID badges for all those who collect on our behalf.

The website for receives many hits and is closely monitored and maintained by Neil Thomson. The cost of this website is around £70 per annum and I can’t thank Neil enough for his time on this matter. Which quickly leads me onto the newsletter? Once again, I do compile and gather many of the articles for the newsletter so I will give myself a pat on my back, but Neil puts together the newsletter for the final publishing.


Brenda Gibberd has been a great Secretary and has helped me with so many reminders and vice versa. She took on the accounts temporarily (she says it feels many years ago), and helped us maintain a monthly record. Thank you Brenda.


There are a number of people that work in the background, or are willing to help, have helped or are about to help us in our activities. I would like to give big thanks to them also. Chris Lucas, Ian Tickle, Lorraine Rodway, Chris Martin, Pam McGowan and our newest members, Colin Dennison, Nigel and Carolyn Hiley Jaqui Studd,  Val Morgan and Carl Aldrich. As I have said before, without a good people collection we are worth nothing. Thank you.


During the last number of years BFRA have managed to support and assist many charitable and local organisations in running events, setting up and generally helping. We have assisted The new Fromus Centre with their Fun Day last year, promoting the SMILE café with a music event in June, the Town Council during some of their events with the loan of equipment. We have run music events and donated a percentage of proceeds to a number of local organisations.


This year will be no exception with our 10th anniversary in sight and the warmer weather here; we are due to run a number of events this year.


I have set out a list of events so far for  which BFRA will be responsible :


Saturday 20th April at The Market Hall, BFRA will run the bar supplied via Adnams. This is a Town Council led event with a donation from the bar being made to the St Georges day committee.


Saturday 27th April will be a BFRA live band night with a bar supplied via Adnams. A donation from the bar proceeds will be given to the Market Hall restoration committee.


Saturday 18th May will be Town Councillors Ken Howe’s private birthday celebration and again, BFRA will run the bar supplied via Adnams.


Saturday 25th May, BFRA will assist the Meadowbrook Playgroup in supplying a bar in aid of raising funds for them. A donation from the bar proceeds will be made.


Saturday 8th June BFRA will run a bar at The Fromus Centre on the night a 50’s and 60’s band ‘Cobblestones’ play.


Saturday 20th July is the annual BFRA fun day in which we organise a number of ‘Family Friendly’ activities for the Town.


Saturday 29th June at The Fromus Centre is our re-invented Quiz night. The first will be a music quiz for all the family.


Saturday 31st August at The Fromus Centre a BFRA quiz. Theme to be set.


Saturday 2nd October, the start of school half term, Halloween party at Saxmundham Primary School.


Saturday 26th October, BFRA quiz at The Fromus Centre. Theme to be set.


Saturday 14th December BFRA children’s Christmas Party.

A big thank you to Tracy and Matt, who take the Adnams delivery, shop for bar sales, use their own transport and their own time in setting up and taking down the bar. They have contributed a lot to BFRA and without them we would be…….. (Not worth mentioning).


As you can see, BFRA involve themselves with the community very well. The benefits of membership are recognised by many around the estate and with the funds collected we can set up the ‘Free’ children’s activities. Members will also have the benefit of early warning to book.


One final thing. I would like to ask once more for the help from anyone who wishes to assist BFRA in some of their activities. We have more people on board but it would be great to have even more. We are looking to have further activities for the whole age range. Let us know what you like. Are you interested in having trips out, festivals, racing etc? We can help organise a coach. We could even arrange a bus trip for the disabled. But, not without help. Please let me know if you are willing to come on board and assist. I am on 07771 877454. Our meetings are usually once a month and fairly informal, but sociable and hospitable. No ageism or exclusions of any kind with us.

I would like to wish everyone on BFRA a happy 10th Anniversary and for a very warm, healthy and happy rest of the year.





































































































































Minutes of last AGM and matters arising


These were read and agreed, there being no matters arising.


Report of Acting Treasurer (Brenda Gibberd)


Copies of the annual statement of accounts were circulated which shows our income as £8.158.89 and expenditure as £8,082.38.  We have funds in the bank totalling £1,200.18.

A full checked record of the accounts will be published on the website in due course. The new incoming treasurer will double check that records tally.




Revision to Constitution and Articles of Association


After discussion it was agreed that item 14 of the articles should be amended to read: “Committee members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall serve for a term of one year but shall be eligible for re-election each year”.  This decision was made as there are insufficient BFRA members coming forward to serve as Committee officers.


Election of officers


The following officers were elected:


Chairman – Terry Barrow.

Proposed by: Ian Tickle and seconded by Carolyn Hiley


Vice Chairman – Ian Tickle

Proposed by: Brenda Gibberd and seconded by Tracy Brinded


Secretary – Brenda Gibberd

Proposed by Terry Barrow and seconded by Pam McGowan


Treasurer – Colin Dennison

Proposed by Neil Thomson and seconded by Dave Martin


Membership Secretary – Dave Martin

Proposed by Pam McGowan and seconded by Neil Thomson


Bar Manager – Tracy Brinded

Proposed by: Brenda Gibberd and seconded by Dave Martin


Don Tricker proposed a vote of thanks to BFRA for its donations and assistance to SADCIC, PASTEL and The Market Hall fund.


There being no other AGM business, the AGM meeting closed at 9pm.




BFRA Committee meeting followed with discussions about matters arising from the  meeting on 11th March.


Earlier in the evening, Dave Martin had attended a meeting of BOSS. He suggested they may be interested in offering a small discount to BFRA members on sight of their Membership Card.  A small sign to this effect could be included in their shop window or advertisements and we would mention it in our newsletters.   This idea appeared to be well accepted and will be confirmed back to us within two weeks.


As soon as he has this Dave will advise Neil to include it in the next newsletter.


Ticket sales for Growler Music Night


These are going rather slower than usual but we are confident we can sell more.  All Committee members were asked to spread the word amongst their own friends and neighbours and it was also suggested we should feature the event on Facebook. Jess Spall said she would help with this.




Terry asked how long it would take Neil to process the newsletter and he said once he has all the input it can usually be achieved within a week. Deadline by end of April.


Fun Day, Saturday 20th July.


Terry has already spoken with a number of participants but more are needed.  He asked that anyone seeing an interesting stall at any other events should get details and approach them about coming to our fun day.  Brenda suggested we should approach charities to ask if they would like to run a stall.  Terry reminded everyone that participants must have their own generator if they require power, to avoid using the schools electric.


Bars at various events


It was agreed that Tracy and Matt, who take in deliveries, store alcohol supplies, deliver it to the venue using their own transport should be paid at the rate of £10 per hour from 6pm and the bar staff they employ will be paid £7.50 per hour from time of commencing work.  Tracy said this does not take into account the fact that she personally washes up about 1,000 drink cups which all have to be hand dried to avoid smearing.  She does not charge for this service.  She has also undertaken to keep a note of all floats and monies paid out and provide receipts to the Treasurer.


Terry mentioned that we have negotiated a new deal with Adnams which gives us 15% discount as they are keen to support local organisations such as ours.


Date of next Committee meeting – 8pm Monday 13th May 2013 at the Sax Social Club.