AGM 2014

Minutes of Annual General Meeting

Monday Monday, 7th April 2014



Present at meeting


Terry Barrow, Colin Dennison, Carolyn & Nigel Hiley; Ian Tickle, Roy and Margaret Venables,  Pam McGowan, Jaqui Studd and Brenda Gibberd.
























































































































































































































Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Dave and Chris Martin, Tracy and Matt Brinded, Chris Lucas and Val Morgan.


Chairman’s Report (Terry Barrow)


Our events for the year 2013-2014 to date have been high, especially where we have been asked to supply a bar and share some of the proceeds.  20th April 2013 St George’s Day music event, 27th April 2013 we had our usual live band music night; 18th May Ken Howe’s 70th birthday party; 25th May bar for Meadowbrook Playgroup; 8th June a bar set up for the community group Fromus Centre; July 20th our 10th Fun Day; 7th September bar for the Football Club; 12th October a bar for Jade; 12th November we put on the Halloween party; 16th November our live music night; 15th December children’s party and 8th March 2014 another live band music night.  There is no organisation that has maintained such  a percentage of ‘events’ such as BFRA that serve the people of Brook Farm and certainly serve the Town as well.


As you can see, I don’t think we have ever been busier than in  the last year.  The supply of our bar has caused problems in the past where organisers of events believed we could make so much money and hand over a substantial amount of money for their fundraising. This is simply not the case as we know and we found it difficult to sustain this practice.  With the organisation of the Saxmundham Music Festival this year, I feel we will have to curtail some of our future events.


Our membership has again proved consistent throughout the year with just over 50% of  households supporting us.  We have kept the subscription of £3 per household for many years now. Please support us again this year.


We need to sustain our membership as representative, Dave Martin, is stepping down.  Our drive will commence in late May to early June. It is anticipated that the summer newsletter will also be available and delivered to all houses around that time. I would like to thank Dave and Chris Martin for their previous help and for organising last year’s collections. We have a good base to work on.


The website at received many hits and is closely monitored and maintained now by Ian Tickle.  The cost of this website is around £70 per annum and I can’t thank Ian enough for his time on this matter.


Brenda Gibberd continues to be a great Secretary and has helped me with so many reminders and double checking and vice versa.


The new Treasurer, Colin Dennison, has also been a great asset and he has to be given a big pat on the back for keeping our accounts tight and also projecting forward allowing us to be safe in our finances.


There are a number of people who work in the background or are willing to help, have helped or are about to help us in our activities.  I would like to give big thanks to them also plus Nigel and Carolyn Hiley, Pam McGowan and Val Morgan. There are others that also help out with membership collection and they are also thanked for their help when needed.


Tracy and Matt Brinded have proved invaluable again for another year for running the bar.  We have a very busy time coming up with the Music Festival on Saturday July 19th.


During the last number of yeas BFRA have managed to support and assist many charitable and local organisations in running events, setting up and generally helping.


BFRA involve themselves with the community very well. The benefits of membership are recognised by many people around the estate and with the funds collected we can set up the ‘free’ children’s activities.


I would like to wish everyone in BFRA a happy 11th anniversary and for a very happy festival in July.


Minutes of AGM in April 2013.


These were read and agreed.



Treasure’s Report


Colin had prepared a finance statement from 1st April 2013 until 31st March 2014.  The total income for the year is £11,789.46 and expenditure totals £11,702.72.  Our current bank balance is £1,262.74.


Election of officers


Terry explained to the meeting that he has been Chairman of BFRA for about 3 years and feels he would prefer not to continue.   He will continue to be involved with BFRA’s social events.


Nomination for Chairman: Ian Tickle

Proposed by Brenda Gibberd, seconded by Nigel Hiley.


Events Co-ordinator (new post) : Terry Barrow

Proposed by : Colin Dennison, seconded by Brenda Gibberd


Treasurer : Colin Dennison

Proposed by : Terry Barrow, seconded by Ian Tickle


Secretary: Brenda Gibberd

Proposed by : Ian Tickle, seconded by Terry Barrow


Membership Co-ordinator: Carolyn Hiley*

Proposed by Brenda Gibberd , seconded by Colin Dennison


Bar Manager: Tracy Brinded

Proposed by: Terry Barrow, seconded by Colin Dennison.


Carolyn mentioned that she and Nigel will be away from early May until mid June so she would like to be able to get everything in place with the street reps so they can collect membership fees in her absence.    Terry said he has the details she needs and will let her have them as soon as possible.


The AGM was declared to have ended and we then moved on to the usual monthly Committee meeting.


Music Festival Saturday 19th July 2014..


Terry explained that  the timing is envisaged as being as follows: 11am till 1pm: Youth from schools, clubs etc will attend the music workshops  being run by Richard Dean who is an expert in such matters and who will know how many people he can accommodate. This will include musical and dance workshops. It is hoped also we can get a DJ workshop included.


From 1pm until 4 pm will be devoted to local youth bands and artists to perform on stage.


From 4 to 10pm there will be visiting bands culminating in a showcase finale featuring the Beach Boys  national UK tribute band.


There will be only limited parking on site for visiting bands and the disabled.  Rendham Road will be closed and cones provided at  the top of Brook Farm Road  to ensure that  parking will not cause any hold ups. Notices to this effect will be displayed and, possibly advised to individual households that may be affected.  There will be some parking at the Fromus Centre but they are having their own event so this may be limited.


There will be two stages erected with a large marquee for the bar. Precise locations in the field have yet to be confirmed.  Adnams are not prepared to help financially and as we will not have access to refrigeration for beers etc., consideration is being given as to whether we should use an outside bar service with perhaps a hog roast.  We need to organize tables and chairs in the bar area which can accommodate up to a maximum of 500 people.



Stages and marquees etc will have to be erected the evening before and we will need to provide overnight security . Similarly it may be necessary to dismantle equipment on Sunday 20th July in the morning.


We have booked 5 professional security personnel and about 7 or 8 volunteers from Aldeburgh will be in attendance.   Advertising is going to be essential and signage is also very important on and around the site.  Most of the committee members will also be in attendance and will do what jobs are necessary.


Terry asked if any of the committee have any ideas at all please email with these.


As there is still so much to organise Terry suggested a meeting of anyone who is available to attend on Monday, 14th April in the Sax Social Club around 7.30pm.




Ian will continue with the web site and ensure Festival details are included.  He will also prepared the newsletter which needs to go out ideally by mid June. This can either be distributed by the road reps whilst canvassing for membership fees or we can again ask the ladies who deliver the free newspaper on a Friday.


Ian will include details of the latest information about fibre optic connections and Nigel had prepared a history of the Brook Farm area which he will submit to Ian also.


BOSS (Business of Saxmundham)


BOSS have asked that a BFRA representative attend their meetings as they think our experience is useful in organising events.  They seem to be favourably inclined towards us. Nigel has attended one or two meetings and the next one is on 14th April.  He will not be able to attend that meeting but Ian Tickle will go but he may leave early in order that he can come to the Music Festival meeting of our own. The BOSS meetings usually take place in the cafeteria area of Waitrose.


Storage Garages at Fromus Centre


Terry asked for volunteers to help transfer our equipment etc into the garages on Sunday morning, 13th April at around 11 am.   Several of the Committee members indicated they will be able to assist.


Date of next committee meeting


To be advised (in May)