AGM 2016


Wednesday, April 13th 2016


1 Present at meeting


Ian Tickle, Terry Barrow, Roy and Margaret Venables, Nigel and Carolyn Hiley, Kevin and Jane Gale, Sally and Peter Pearson and Brenda Gibberd.


2 Apologies for absence


Colin Dennison, Tracy and Matt Brinded, Pam McGowan, Chris and Dave Martin.


3 Minutes of last AGM meeting


The last AGM was held on Monday 7th April 2014. (It is not in our constitution that AGM must be held every year). Ian read the minutes and, there being no matters arising, they were approved.


4 Chairman’s Report

by Ian Tickle)


Our events for the year 2015 – 2016:


Membership was boosted this year with the addition of households from the new estate of Mayflower Green. I would like to thank the efforts of Kevin and Jane Gale who, along with the Membership Secretary Carolyn Hiley, managed to sign up numerous households on this new development. Yet again a percentage of nearly 50% of households are still supporting us. By keeping the subscription at £3 per household it has allowed us to retain membership and hopefully still offer good value for money. Your support for us again this year will be very welcome.


The need to sustain membership this year is as important as ever. Our membership drive will commence in late May to early June. It is anticipated that the summer newsletter will also be available and delivered to all households around that time. Once again retaining street representatives has proved an issue; this has caused problems over many years but just when you wonder what to do, someone else kindly volunteers in their place. I would like to thank Carolyn Hiley for all her hard work and for organizing last year’s collections, along with the street representatives who give up time to knock on doors.


Brenda Gibberd continues to be a great Secretary providing a reliable minute taker and is always very quick to provide the committee with minutes and other important documents. As previous Chairmen has commented, her crosschecking and rapid turnaround of official documents has proved invaluable.


Colin Dennison continues to offer a great deal of service as Treasurer keeping our accounts tight and also projecting forward allowing us to be safe in our finances.   His additional help with the Saxmundham Music Festival accounts has allowed us to show transparency between the Association and the Music Fest activities.


The website at has now transferred to BFRA ownership I must thank former Member Neil Thomson who gave us a lot of assistance with the transfer process. Whilst the site needs one or two tweaks, the main nucleus is there which can be built upon. Running costs continue to be approximately £70 per annum.


Tracy and Matt Brinded have proved invaluable again for another year for running the bar. The enormous effort given over the last two Music Festivals has to be applauded. They both bring a lot of experience to organizing the bards. Allowing for a successful outcome.


There are a number of people who work in the background or re willing to help, have helped or are about to help us in our activities. I would like to give big thanks to them also plus Nigel and Carolyn Hiley, Kevin and Jane Gale, Pam McGowan. Val Morgan and others. New committee members have also come on board this year, which is also welcomed. There are others that also help out with membership collections and they are also thanked for their help when needed.


BFRA have now managed to become ingrained into Saxmundham life with continued events, support and assistance of local charities and organisations throughout its 13 year history. The benefits of Membership are still recognised by many people around the estate and result in the continued support through their membership year on year.


I would like to wish everyone in BFRA a happy 13th anniversary and for a very happy third Festival in July.


5 Treasurer’s report


Due to the absence of Colin who is in Zagreb on business, he had prepared a summary of the income and expenditure for the period 1st April 2o15 to March 31st 2016 which was circulated. The year opened with a total balance of £15311.92 most of which is as a result of the Music Fest. Expenditure was £15022.24. The current credit balance is £3411.29 with one outstanding invoice from Adnams for £418.17. A donation of £100 has been made to Meadowbrook and another donation is due to the Football Club for £500.






































































































































Social Report


By Terry Barrow


Terry explained that a decision was taken not to continue with music events in the Market Hall for the time being as interest had waned somewhat and the costs were increasing. He understands that Councillor Ken Howe may organise some events in the future.


We have continued to organize the Halloween event for the children and are considering repeating the Children’s Christmas party this year.


The Sax Music Festival is still moving along nicely. Quotes coming in are up on last year and our budget will be in the region of £23,000 for both the Friday and Saturday. We will be using another marquee Supplier with much sturdier metal framed units and that Company will also erect the marquees used rather than us having to erect our own. That will mean the changing marquees, sound equipment and our base will be a larger unit, two 3 x 3 next to the entrances, 3 very large ones for the bar stalls and workshops.


We had a sub-committee meeting in January and Terry will email all members of the Sub-Committee. If there are any specific tasks any member of the sub-committee wishes to do, please let Terry know.


Chris Lucas is drawing up the license variation for the Friday night. The District Council advised us to vary the hours also. In that a way  we can finish whenever we like up to 11pm instead of having to finish on the dot as we did last year.


Funding is as follows:- BFRA have about £8000 for the Festival. The Town Council have approved £10000 underwriting. Mr. Michael Gower of Suffolk County Council has awarded £2000 towards adult music workshops and our two Ward Councilors, John Fisher and Richard Dunnett, have awarded £2000 also. Terry has just sent off the revenue application to Suffolk Coastal for £4500 which has been awarded.



School Hall


Terry informed the meeting that the charges for use of the school hall are £20 for the first hour and £10 per hour thereafter.


Membership Report


Carolyn said she would like to thank the membership collectors for all their hard work and the support of the residents making 2015 -2016 the best year ever for membership, as far as she knows. A total of 380 households were signed up which was up 70 members from the previous year. The breakdown of the additional members includes 35 from Brook Farm, 33 from Mayflower Green and 2 Associated members.


Collections for this year 2016/2017 will start in June and ideally be completed by the end of July, however, membership will be available at the Annual Town meeting on Monday 18th April at the Market Hall. Sadly, we are losing Colin Dennison, Kevin Gale and Dave Martin who have done an outstanding job as collectors but we are fortunate

That Christine and David Cooper   along with Tony Baker have kindly offered to help out this year.


As we have been advised that Mayflower Green estate are considering setting up their own association. A decision was taken not to collect membership this ear but should they wish to rejoin they would be very welcome.


We are still short of membership collectors so if anyone attending tonight’s meeting would consider collecting your help would be really appreciated.


Election of officers


Ian told the meeting he is standing down as Chairman with immediate effect as his new job prevents him from giving the post the full attention it needs. He is, however, happy to continue as a Committee member and to supervise the website and the magazines.


Elections continued:


Chairman: Terry Barrow

Proposed by Carolyn and seconded by Brenda.


Treasurer: Colin Dennison

Proposed by Ian and seconded by Roy.


Events Co-ordinator: Terry Barrow

Proposed by Brenda and seconded by Jane


Secretary: Brenda Gibberd

Proposed by Jane ad seconded by Carolyn


Membership co-ordinator: Carolyn Hiley

Proposed by Terry and seconded by Nigel


Bar Manager: Tracy Brinded

Proposed by Ian and seconded by Carolyn


BFRA Website


Ian explained that for technical reason in transferring the web site from a past member, Ian Thomson, he has had to create a new web address i.e.


Any other business



At this stage, the AGM was wound up and BFRA went into the main committee meeting.