April 2015

Minutes of Committee Meeting

Monday 27th April 2015


1 Present at meeting


Ian Tickle, Terry Barrow, Colin Dennison, Roy and Margaret Venables, Chris and Dave Martin, Pamela McGowan, Kevin and Jane Gale and Brenda Gibberd. Stuart Perry (Gearhire Sound and Light) joined the meeting as a guest.


2 Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Carolyn and Nigel Hiley who are on holiday.

Nothing was received from Tracy Brinded.


3 Minutes of last meeting on 30th March 2015


These were read and one amendment made – the date for the proposed Children’s Halloween disco should have read Friday 30th October and not November as stated. The minutes were approved.


4 Treasurer’s report


Colin is waiting for a bank statement in order that he can complete the accounts for the year to the end of March. He is holding £372 in cash from the Meadowbrook event night. He needs to talk with Tracy to establish whether all staff costs etc have already been paid. The music festival account stands at £9454 and we have already paid out £2109. We have been fortunate in obtaining additional funding from The Big Lottery of £5500 which means we will almost certainly be able to carry over some funds for a similar event in 2016. The BFRA account has £2900 out of which we need to pay for the BFRA magazines. As almost all of the 700 copies have been circulated it was decided that we would place an order for an additional 100 copies for distribution around the local shops. Kevin suggested we should let the Sax Museum have copies and he was given a copy of all the past issues to give to them.


Terry suggested we might consider preparing a business plan to present to the Town Council if it is decided to have another, similar event next year. It is likely that this year’s Fest will cost between £16,500 and £17,000.

















Music Evening Saturday May 1st.


Any funds raised from this event will be put towards the cost of supplying electric points in the Scout Hut. Ticket sales have been slow but it is hoped more will sell in advance of the night and a quantity will be sold at the door.



6 Music Fest 25th July 2015


Chris Lucas has been deputising for Terry and has organised the licensing. As this is a premises license for the Memorial Field, special requirements are


stipulated and the following is an extract from an email sent to Terry from Clive Pink, Environmental Health Officer.




1)    All residents living within 500 metres of the venue shall be informed not less than 14 days prior to the event of the following information;

a)    The name and telephone number of a person responsible for the music levels at the event and

b)    The time the event will finish.


2)    The volume of all regulated entertainment shall be strictly controlled so that noise levels are non-intrusive at the boundaries of nearby residential properties.


3)    A responsible person shall monitor the noise levels at regular intervals (i.e. hourly, though out the course of the event) at the boundaries of nearby residential properties and implement any changes to reduce the noise levels in accordance with the above condition or at the request by any authorised officer of the council.





The loudspeakers should be positioned so as to avoid direct noise to residential property. Additional screening may be utilised behind and to the sides of the stage utilising temporary barriers such as large sided vehicles (if available) or on a smaller scale straw bales.


The music level should be set at the start of the event by someone walking around the perimeter of the site and adjusting the volume control accordingly so that the music and PA are not considered unreasonably disturbing at nearby residential property.


Consideration needs to be given to decreasing the noise levels of the amplification system in the evening, as the normal background noise reduces and the audibility of the stage music becomes more disturbing to residents. This decrease in amplification needs to be done well before the lead act starts, as it is likely they will wish to increase levels to finish on a high.


Stuart Perry said that extra ‘curtains’ could be placed along the back of the stage and they can certainly place their truck at the rear of the stage which should help to lessen the noise levels to the Mayflower Green development. From his considerable experience he is satisfied that noise levels will remain acceptable as they were last year. He asked if the Abba Tribute Band have their own music manager and Terry undertook to contact them and let him know”.


Chris Lucas is arranging to send a reply to Environmental Health


Funding failed from Red Nose appeal so we have decided to use other funding money to purchase 3 Les Paul guitar and 1 Bass guitar with amps, microphones and leads from Music World in Ipswich. Music World in Ipswich were grateful we have included their advertisement in our magazine so have granted us 10% off the cost of these instruments.


Insurance: Brenda asked if the musical instruments should be insured and, if so we need a value to arrange the appropriate insurance. We also need to establish where these instruments will be stored when not in use e.g. The Fromus Centre?


Terry is talking with Richard about the order of events in order to produce a programme. The programme will include a note to say that timings may not always be strictly adhered to but also include the conditions set out by Environmental Health re sound. This can be delivered to all houses withing the 500 metre range.


To avoid the queues that occurred for the bar last year, we are having a double bar.


Volunteers: We will need some additional volunteers to assist members of the committee. Ian believes he can get a few friends together to assist on the day before and on the following morning to help with erection/dismantling etc and Chris Lucas has the forms to submit to Suffolk Legacy an organisation of Community Action Sax which provides volunteers for various local events.


Music Workshops: Numbers are up to about 20 which is a good number for Richard to manage.




















































































7 Membership


Carolyn has put everything in place ready to start the collections when she returns from holiday.



8 Website


The earlier problems have now been sorted and the web site is up to date. Ian feels it could be improved however and he will have a meeting with Kevin, (who is in the web site business). Hopefully this can be arranged before the next Committee Meeting. Meanwhile he welcomes any items of interest for inclusion.













Any other business


No matters raised.


Date of next meeting:


Tuesday, 26th May. 7.30 pm at the Saxmundham Social Club.