Aug 2015

Minutes of Committee Meeting

Wednesday, 29th July 2015


1 Present at meeting


Ian Tickle, Terry Barrow, Colin Dennison, Dave and Chris Martin, Roy and Margaret Venables, Chris Lucas, Kevin and Jane Gale and Brenda Gibberd.


Visitors: Bryony from St.John Ambulance, Haydn ? and ???













Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Tracy and Matt Brinded, Nigel and Carolyn Hiley, Pam McGowan and Nigel Hiley.





Minutes of last meeting


These were approved.

  Before becoming involved with the main purpose of this meeting, Ian read out a card he had received from Meadow Brook Playcare which read, “The Committee, staff and children at Meadow Brook Playcare would like to thank you for your generous gift to our fund raising disco. We do apprecate this. Our raffle was a huge success and we managd to raise £546. The raffle funds will be usd for sun canopies in the garden and IT equipment for the children.













Treasurer’s Report


Colin advised that Tracy had given him £10,752.03 from bar takings. By the time we have taken out other expenses and costs this will amount to £9,939. There are pitch fees to be added and staff costs. When eveything is settled we should show a clear profit of £7,000. We will need to give careful consideration as to how this money will be handled, eg should it go straight into the Sax Fest fund for next year. This can be discussed at a later meeting but in the meantime Terry has arranged to meet with organisers of similar events to learn from their experience.
















































































Sax Fest




Bryony from St.John Ambulance told us that it was very quiet and, fortunately, there were no emergencies. If we repeat this event she would like to be able to put up a curtain over the window to create some privacy. A number of people had been concerned about a dog which was messing in the field but eventually the owner removed the problem and Ian put sand over the   areas which had been soiled.


There followed some discussion about whether dogs should be allowed but the outcome was that as it is a family event they should be permitted but should be kept on a lead. Only if a dog becomes a nuisance should the owner be asked to remove it. Volunteer and security to be made aware.


One young woman was very inebriated and was found incapable in one of the toilets. She had friends with her who were not particularly helpful and she had to be assisted off site.


At this point Bryony had to leave the meeting and was thanked for coming and for her input.




The security personnel had a supervisor but they did not have a central point. Although Terry had given them a briefing sheet they did not seem to realise what was required of them and it was agreed by the meeting that someone should have briefed them fully on the need to search bags etc for alcohol. It became obvious that alcohol was being brought in from outside and Dave actually saw someone pouring wine from a bottle into a plastic coke bottle.   This was seen also by one of the security men who did nothing to prevent it. The security supervisor did not appear to be giving them any instructions as to where they should be etc.

It was also felt that the security staff should work in pairs just in case of any confrontational event. Ideally at least one volnteer should accompany each pair of security men. Consideration should be given as to whether we should increase the number of security personnel to 8 next time.


Carolyn had submitted an email saying that one security man in partiicular had been extremely helpful by clearing the field of almost all the litter overnght so that the volunteers who arived there on Sunday morning were pleasantly surprised to find that most of the litter picking had been done for them. Well done that man! It was suggested that Brenda write to the security company, GITP

re “Jinxy” to say what a great job he had done.



Other matters which were raised include:


No lighting around the edges of the field.

A more secure fence be installed around the stage area


Next year there may be an additional accesss path from Mayflower Green, which will need to be manned.


The retaining post for the front gate will need to be repaired as it became loosened when the hay lorry needed access to the field.   Haydn mentioned that the Council will be very concerned as they do not want the field to be invaded by travellers. This should be securely padlocked at all times. Action needs to be taken ASAP.


The security at gates needs to be tightened up to ensure visitors do not bring in their own alcohol.


Some congestion was caused by taxis driving on to the field at the end of the evening to pick up their fares. The correct pick-up point for taxes is the Fromus Centre and   measures need to be taken to prevent this problem in the future. Terry will contact local cab companies to advise them of this.



















































































































The meeting discussed whether a ramp could be provided for the disabled. ???

said these are available but are very expensive and can take up a lot of space. If the number of wheelchair users is small it should be possible for them to be lifted on and off the stage when necessary


There were a few people who thought the music was too quiet.   In view of the proximity to residential housing Terry explained that steps had been taken to deaden the noise to ensure those houses did not suffer. Most people thought the volume was ideal.




We need to have our own Control Tent as this time it was full of cables and other equipment. The dedicates BFRA Central Control tent should be located near the bar area.



During the dismantling of equipment one of the   staff, James, was left on his own. This is not acceptable as some of the equipment is heavy and accidents could occur.   Under no circumtances should anybody be left on their own.


Secondary lighting needs to be provided in case the generator should fail for any reason, e.g. if the fuel runs out. There should also be more lighting in the area where the Wcs are located.


Thanks are due to the owners of the Cotton Tree in Saxmundham for providing a sofa, cushions etc to create a “Green Room” for use by artistes.   Brenda was asked to write to Julia and Peter Ewett for their kindness in providing this.


For any future events of this nature we will need our own designated Control area

as the one provided was full of cables and other equipment. It was suggested that th Control tent be located near the beer tent. Either Terry or Chris should be in the cotrol tent at all times.


It was suggested that ear pieces be provided with all mobile radios as it was sometimes difficult to hear.


The bar marquee was excellent and it was felt that similar clear span marquees should be used throughout.


It was suggested that for the next event of this type we take deposits for pitches so that if someone does not turn up we at least can retain this money.

































5.5 Volunteers


It is essential that we get more volunteers to help at this type of event. Ideally we need volunteers to work in pairs. Haydn did a great job supervising the cycle park.


We should have a pre-event meeting of all volunteers to establish who will be in attendance at what times and where they will be required.   At this festival it became clear that not all volunteers had read the job sheet.


Brends was asked to write to Bradley Haselton for all his assistance over the weekend.


At any future event Terry suggested we appoint “Heads of Department” to take on

responsibility for supervising :


(i)   Music

(ii)   Security

(iii) Bar

(iv) Environment

(v)   Food


So that no one person is doing everything.














5.6 Food & drink


There were a number of comments about the poor burgers and the poor organisation as supplies of various ingredients ran out and it took some time to obtain them.   There was almost no vegetarian food availanext timeble and what was supplied was regarded as of poor quality. The reason for the poor standard may have been as a result of pressure as the event was very well attended so more food stalls may solve this problem.


The meeting discussed the options and although indications from the survey showed that most people were satisfid with the food available, it was suggested we consider a hog roast and a formal Tea Room type of stall with cakes, tables and chairs.   Local companies shoulld be approached about this.


It was unfortunate that the bar ran out of ‘real beer’ quite early in the evening. Originally Tracy had ordered 6 kegs but in view of the awful weather on the preceeding days, she decided to cancel two. Pims proved very successful which was supplied in jugs on which a deposit had been paid. Several jugs went missing but we have the deposits to purchase more.


Brenda was asked to write to Julian Wallis at the Eels Foot Inn to thank him for his help amd co-operation and for taking away the empty barrels. Do we also need to write to the Bell?

























5.7 Refuse


Although recycling bins were provided it was apparent that people had disregarded this and put their rubbish anywhere, including the sand bins for cigarette buts. Terry has spoken with the refuse people at the Council and was assured that ‘mixed’ loads are sorted and only general waste sent to landfill.


The meeting agreed that food stalls should have their own bins close by so that teabags, uneaten food etc can be disposed of easily. Two bins per stall may be necessary. Ideally the stall holder should be responsible for disposing of the refuse their stall generates.


5.8 Clear Up


At the close of the night the field looked very messy but on arrival at the field on Sunday morning it looked very much better not least due to the efforts of Jinxy, the security man. We cannot always rely on his presence, however. Chris, Dave and Jane all helped with the clear up and their efforts are much appreciated.


5.9 Music


The highlight act, Abba Chique proved very popular and some people felt they should have a longer slot but Terry expained that would have increased their price. We must give a lot of thought to a good music mix or next time.


5.1 Compere


It was generally felt that the presenters were good for the children’s section but

some of the adults felt they went on for too long. We need to address this next time.


5.11 Access road


Last year the traffic lights were manned, but this time the supplier provided automatic lights which failed and only a red light was showing in both directions. The meeting discussed whether lights were really necssary and it was decided that only pedestrian lights wold be used next time, preferably supervised.


5.12 Toilets


The number of toilets was felt to be adequate but next time the supplier will take steps to service them when they become blocked with paper.   It had been suggested that urinals be provided and when Terry spoke to the supplier, Premier Toilets they told him they intend purchasing urinals for future use. This should alleviate any queuing problems and prevent some men using the perimeter hedges. Lighting should be higher over the toilet area and cover a wider range.


  Date of next meeting


Wednesday September 16th, 7.30pm at the Sax Social Club.