Aug 2016

Minutes of Saxmundham Music Festival Meeting

Wednesday 3rd August 2016


1 Present at meeting


Terry Barrow, Colin Dennison, Nigel and Carolyn Hiley, Pam Mcgowan, Chris and Dave Martin, David and Christine Cooper, Roy and Margaret Venables, Stuart Perry


2 Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Ian Tickle, Kevin and Jane Gale, Tracy Brinded, Brenda GIbberd.


3 Treasurer’s report


Colin reported that we have £3500 in the music festival account. Overall spending on the festival was £27000. The BFRA account has £13500 of which approximately £7000 is owing to Adnams.   The combined bucket collections on Friday and Saturday raised around £1200.




Policies and Procedures


The procedures worked well and 5 lost children were quickly found and returned to their families.



5 Security


There was one minor incident on the morning of the 23rd of July at 1:15am when 3 youths jumped over the main gate. They were quickly apprehended by security and told to leave. The overall feeling of the meeting was that the security team were excellent and should definitely be engaged for next year. The only question related to reducing numbers and we should discuss with the company the consequences of smaller numbers of security staff.

We should ensure that people who are exiting to the Mayflower Green/Heritage Gate estate do so via either the main gate or the Heritage gate exit and are prevented from crossing the grassed area outside of the neighbouring property on Mayflower Green.


6 Marquees


The marquees were of good quality and worked well. It was suggested that we should do without the second large marquee next year if we cannot find a way of offsetting the cost (£700) against the stalls that use the facility.







Worked well.














The meeting appreciated the hard work put in by Tracey, Matt and the bar staff.

It was agreed that we need to set up the tills next year to record the takings on the Friday evening and on Saturday and to itemize the individual drinks to help with ordering for future events.. Also that it was mentioned that we could make the bar more efficient by having dedicated staff pouring the beer, Pimms and spirits.


9 Food


It was agreed that there was a good range of food on both the Friday evening and the Saturday. The meal deals need to be defined for the volunteers so they know what is available from the main food outlets.


10 Stage


The late-night set-up of the stage will be addressed.

We will look at finishing at 10:30pm on both Friday and Saturday evenings.   This would help address the concerns of the residents who gave feedback this year.

Stuart suggested that the stage would probably be 4 feet high next year to allow for storage underneath. It would then be more important to have a ramp for loading equipment.


11 Feedback


There were two replies drafted to Mr. Green and Terry will combine elements of both in the response to be issued to him. Also, he will reply to another local resident regarding the late set up of the stage and possibility of an earlier finfish.





12 Music


It was agreed that there was a good mix of music on the Friday evening.

Some feedback indicated that we needed a wider range of music during Saturday.

13 Website


Worked well it was kept up to date as new information arrived and recorded the number of hits.

14 Marketing


It was noted that the local media did not give a lot of coverage to the event.   Local advertising/banners were the best tools for reaching local people together with social media. We need to make sure that EADT and Radio Suffolk are aware.

15 Future Planning


Next BFRA meeting provisional date is Wednesday 5th of October to prepare for the Halloween party on Friday 28th of October. Terry will at least book the party DJ if this event is to go on.

Next Saxmundham Music Festival meeting TBC when other interested parties have been contacted.

The Galloper Wind Energy fund has monies available for local grants.

16 AOB


The meeting gave congratulations and thanks to Terry for organising the most successful festival yet.