Feb 2015

Minutes of Committee Meeting

Monday 16th February 2015


1 Present at meeting


Terry Barrow, Colin Dennison, Carolyn Hiley, Roy and Margaret Venables, Pam McGowan and Brenda Gibberd.


2 Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Ian Tickle, Nigel Hiley, and Tracy Brinded.


4 Minutes of last meeting


These were read and agreed.


5 Treasurer’s report


Colin advised the meeting we have £3,303 in our bank, account The Music Festival account has £1,224 and we have £40 in cash.   So far we have paid out £1,400 for the Sax Fest, £1000 deposit for marquee hire and £400 for other deposits including the tribute band. We are still raising funds and expect to receive £2000 from Michael Gower; £5000 from the Coastal Revenue Grant and £1000 from the Town Council. Our contribution is to be £2,000 with additional contributions expected from two Town Councillors, £500 from SADCIC and £200 from EDF.   We have also applied to Awards for All. Terry and Colin had been due to meet with Magnox but this has not been possible as yet. We will be in touch with them again fairly soon.


6 Social



6.1   Music Night march 24th


This has had to be cancelled as another group had booked Market Hall for the same night. The two bands who had offered to attend for free have been advised.   It was decided we would not have another music event for the time being as Terry is too busy with the Music Festival.


6.2 Music Festival 25th July 2015


As mentioned in the Treasurer’s Report, efforts are progressing with the fund raising and we are optimistic that it looks as if we shall reach our targets.


Brenda confirmed she has sent off the appropriate form to the insurers asking for the amount of extra insurance we will have to pay for third party liability at this event.


7 Membership


Carolyn confirmed we achieved a membership total of 310 for the year 2014/2015 which shows a small improvement over the previous year. Unfortunately we have ‘lost’ 5 collectors but have gained 4 but we would benefit from some more volunteers to assist.

A message about this will be posted on the web site and mentioned also in our article to the Saxmundham News.


Carolyn has obtain a quote for membership cards which is £38 + VAT for 375 cards. There followed a discussion as to what, if anything, we could include on the reverse of the card. Ideally we would like to mention the Sax Fest but concerns were expressed that if collections were not completed prior to the 25th July, this would be rather pointless. It was agreed we would include the web site address on the card.

















8 Newsletter


As minuted at the last meeting, it is hoped that the next newsletter will be distributed early in May. Carolyn has prepared an article for inclusion, outlining the past and present activities of BRFA and asking for volunteers to join and committee or assist in other ways.

In particular she has asked for help at the Sax Fest and the clearing up afterwards. It also suggests that anyone interest can read more on the web site. Carolyn will also will ask Nigel to prepare a short article on the benefits of solar panels for inclusion in the newsletter. We agreed to send Ian material for the website as soon as available.







9 Web Site


We understand that Ian has now renewed the domain. Information about the music festival needs to be added together with Carolyn’s article about the association. If any other members have something interesting to say, it should be sent to Ian for inclusion on the web site.








10 Any other business


10.1   Fido refuse Bins


Carolyn has been in touch with the Council concerning emptying of fido bins plus the need for an additional bin along the lane to the rear of the school. She was pleased to report that the offending bin has now been emptied and she is hopeful that another bin may be provided soon.


10.2   Streetwise


Terry mentioned that a resident from the new development had read about the Sax Fest on Streetwise and was pleased to learn that the event is to be repeated this year. Terry will contact him and ask if he would be interested in joining BFRA and if he would be prepared to

canvass other members from the new estates.


10.3 Saxmundham Primary School Fete


Terry has received an email request from Keith, the caretaker at the school, asking if we would be prepared to assist with the running of their fete which will be held on 13th June 2015. They had already spoken to Tracy about a bar and the meeting agreed that we should suggest the winners of their proposed talent contest could be asked to take part in the Sax Fest. Tracy believes that she should serve Pimms and polypins of ale so there is no risk of being left with beer which could become past its sell-by date. Terry will attend the next PTA meeting bout the fete together with any other committee member(s) who may be interested.


10.2 Loans of BFRA equipment.


Colin has been approached about the possibility of our lending our Marquees for use over the Easter weekend for the Church. No firm commitment was made and he will wait to hear if they are actually needed.


10.3 Annual Town Meeting 20th April 2015.


This annual meeting will be held in the Market Hall. SADCIC and Pastel are attending and The meeting agreed we would like to be included and Colin will send Brenda the details so she can write to Maddie about this.


10.4 Anti BFRA comments


Carolyn attended a meeting recently where she was ‘accosted’ by several ladies who gave the impression they were less than impressed with our Association. One lady mentioned she had been

asked to pay £2 to attend an (historic) event at the Primary School

an another lady complained about the state of the grass area where the children’s’ playground is sited. It has not been our policy to charge for admittance to anything other than Music Nights and this is necessary only because the cost of the band has to be covered. As far as the grass area is concerned this is Suffolk Coastal’s responsibility. Whilst we are happy to pass on our Members comments, there is no reason why any individual, whether a BFRA member or not, should not contact the appropriate authority themselves.













































  Date of next committee meeting


Monday 30th March 2015, 8pm at the Sax Social Club.