Jan 2015

Minutes of Committee Meeting

Wednesday 21st Januaury 2015


1 Present at meeting


Ian Tickle, Colin Dennison, Terry Barrow, Roy and Margaret Venables, Tracy and Matt Brinded, Carolyn and Nigel Hiley and Brenda Gibberd.


2 Apologies for absence


Pam McGowan


3 Minutes of last meeting


These were read and approved, there being no matters rising.


4 Treasurer’s report


As with the previous minutes there has been very little financial activity and little purpose in producing figures.   The bank account currently stands at £3565 plus £50 in cash.   In addition we have £1224 in the Music Account. The Music Night held on 29th was very disappointing but at least we managed to break even.



5 Discussion concerning possible change of name for BFRA


This matter was discussed at some length and the general feeling was that this would not be in the interests of the Association. It was agreed that the Secretary will draft a letter to Saxmundham Town Council, a) to thank them for their financial support of the Sax Music Fest; b) to ask why they feel a change of name would be prudent, and c) to outline the Committee’s views on the matter.








6 Funding for Sax Music Fest


Deposits have already been paid for a number of items including the Abba Tribute Band, Dance and for the stage. We have applied for a number of grants in the region of £10,000 and these will be discussed at later meetings.


Terry and Colin have had a preliminary meeting with Magnox who may be prepared to give up to £1,000 but we need to provide them with more details of how the money will be spent and our views on sustainability. Some thought has been given as to whether we should make a small charge to those youngsters attending the Music Workshops but Terry pointed out that this would not be acceptable to a number of potential funding organisations.   Colin and Terry will be meeting with Magnox again next Wednesday to talk through the plans in greater detail.


Terry has also contacted a number of potential participants including catering companies for burgers, pizzas, ice cream etc to ascertain what they would be prepared to contribute to attending the Fest. Although much has been learned from last year’s event, There is still great deal of work to be done.


Terry feels we should be organising publicity as soon as possible and he has already asked the main tribute band to send him   a selection of photographs that may be used for this purpose. Pictures should also appear on the Web Site and in the newsletter.



7 Social


7.1 Music Night March 28th 2015


This event will feature two bands, Jade and Shattered and it was suggested that the latter band be asked to keep their volume a little lower than previously.



8 Membership


Carolyn has agreed to continue as Membership Secretary but is concerned that she has ‘lost’ several road reps who will need to be replaced.   Ian confirmed he will help out again this year and it is hoped that Dave Martin will also do his bit on his return from foreign parts. Concern was expressed that road reps are often asked what are the benefits of joining BFRA. This was discussed and it was agreed that emphasis should be given to the Music Fest. Prospective members should be advised that without their contributions, we would be hard pressed to maintain the various events throughout the year and, in particular, the Music Fest.



Carolyn agreed to draft an article for the Saxmundham News asking for volunteers to help with the SaxFest and inviting anyone who has a little time to spare to become involved. She will have the paperwork ready for the road reps by 15th May and it is hoped that all membership collections will be finished and banked by the first week of July.


After the meeting had finished, Margaret spoke with Olly and Tom from Wordsworth Close. Olly confirmed she used to be a road rep but had not been approached to help for the last couple of years.   She confirmed she will be happy to help out again this year.


















9 Newsletter


Ideally the next newsletter should be ready and distributed in early May. It should contain a request for help from volunteers who would be prepared to join the committee or become involved in any way with the events we organise, especially the Sax Fest. Ian, as always, is keen to receive any articles on any subject which may prove of interest. To this end Nigel suggested a visit to the Streetlife web site could produce some idea. It would also provide a vehicle for promoting all future BFRA events.



10 Web Site


Ian was asked to change the information which appears on the web site about the number of newsletters a year.   Currently this mentions four, whereas we now produce only two. He will also investigate the situation as far as our contact information is concerned and change this but, depending upon the way it works currently he may need to contact Neil Thomson. Once again, the Sax Fest is the priority as far as publicity is concerned.






8 Any other business


Both Ian and Terry have had requests to use our PA system for various meetings. In both cases it had been assumed the meetings were of a political nature and as BFRA are non-political the requests were denied. Nigel explained that the meeting on 7th February in the Market Hall is being run by Greener Sax and will include the RSPB, local schools etc.   As this is not political Terry will get back to them and confirm the PA is be available if they need it.









9 Date of next committee meeting


Monday, 17th February – 8pm at Sax Social Club.