Jan 2016

Minutes of Committee Meeting

Wednesday 13th January 2016


1 Present at meeting


Terry Barrow, Nigel & Carolyn Hiley and Brenda Gibberd.


2 Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Ian Tickle, Colin Dennison, Kevin & Jane Gale, Pam McGowan and Roy & Margaret Venables.


3 Minutes of last meeting


The minutes of the meeting held in November were not available for this meeting but will be reviewed at the next meeting.


4 Treasurer’s report


Although the Treasurer was not able to attend the meeting he sent the following report:


£6000 has been transferred from the BFRA account to the Music Fest account which is made up of £4000 being the BFRA contribution and £2000 from the County Council.. This leaves approximately £2500 in the BFRA account plus about £200 in cash and the County Council’s contribution of £2000 and there are no outstanding invoices. The Music Fest account now stands at £9209 having paid £300 deposit for the Saturday headline act.


With some general assumptions as to costs and the expectation of success with both Suffolk Coastal and Lottery funding (both at £4500) the Town Council could fund £7760 which will be reduced by any other funding.   This is in excess of the figures provided in our submission as we now have the Friday night band at £850 and other Friday night costs.








































































































































Sax Music Fest 2016


A meeting of the Music Fest Sub Committee was held on Thursday 7th January 2016 and was minutes as follows:




Terry Barrow (Event Co-ordinator), Richard Deyn (Stage manager), Carolyn and Nigel Hiley (Food outlets), Kevin Gale (Website), Matt and Tracy Brinded (Bar managers).


Apologies:- Chris Lucas (Licensing and Asst Event co-ordinator), Colin Dennison (Treasurer).


Policies and Procedures (Risk asses, Child protect, Event plan etc)


Terry explained that all policies were under his control and were being updated from 2015. It was discussed that briefing sheets should be made available to all Marshalls at the time of the event so they have clear and concise knowledge of their roles and areas. At the time of writing, Chris Lucas has agreed to assist in this with Terry. Chris is also in the process of varying the premises license for the Friday evening. Times of license will be Friday 5pm until 11pm and Saturday 10am until 11pm. We can operate our licence between these times and have the authority to open or close earlier if we wish.




It was agreed that 2015 was not without issues of alcohol being brought into the event. There was also talk of a minor trouble which security did not control.


It was noted also that Security guards should have Zones to patrol and we will work out a brief for this.


The quotes from Security have stipulated that there will be 2 guards overnight on Fri and Sat unless of course we have a number of people staying overnight in which can the security staff may be reduced to 1.

The times overnight would be 11pm until 9am, a total of 10 hours.

There will be 8 guards for the Fri and Sat.

The hours work out at Six and Half hours for Friday commencing 4.45pm and finishing 11.15pm.

Thirteen and half hours Saturday starting 9.45am and finishing 11.15pm. Total hours are 200.


At the time of writing, Terry has received a quote from the same company whose directors have split. The name of the company is the same, G.I.T.P. Security Ltd. Paul and Lorraine are directors. The cost for each guard is £12 hour. Total £2400 (NO VAT) as newly formed company is not liable to pay VAT.


The quote from Gryphon Security which the other director Ian works for comes in at 200 hours at £12.50 an hour = £2500 plus VAT at £500 Total £3000.




Terry explained that the marquee company used in 2015 supplied us with some inferior marquees which had some tears in certain places. Due to the high winds, two of the marquees collapsed.

Terry has researched other companies and found the best quote from All Seasons Marquees. All of the marquees are ‘Clearspan’ which all have metal solid frames. We have ordered two very large 21m x 9m, a 9m x 6m for workshops, 6m x 6m sound and BFRA marquee, 6m x 3m changing marquee and two 3m x 3m entrance units for security. All units will have globe lights fitted. This company will also supply 50 plastic tables and 200 plastic chairs.



First Aid


St Johns Ambulance have been booked for both days. The new youth club can be used for them as sole use.




Tracy has suggested that we hire an ice maker. Tracy will order the two tills from CRS Ipswich which will provide details of each operator serving and add up all of the drinks as a separate item, giving us the true cost of total sales. Tills from Ace Hire who supplied ‘fridges etc last year were not fit for purpose. Tracy added that she would like at least a substantial float spread over the two days which she will discuss with the Treasurer. She also needs to make sure there are ‘Forgery’ pens available.




We are having a ‘Reggae’ band on the Friday 22nd July, it was discussed that maybe we could have a Caribbean theme to the evening.


Carolyn listed the food outlets already attending on Friday and Saturday:

(a) Vettie’s Veggie Van; (b) Lisa Sweet and Smoothie bus; (c) Fresh Coffee Clinic; (d) Woodfire Pizza (f) Suffolk Cottage Catering burger van and Ice Cream wagon; (g) Trinity’s Cafe; (h) Bobs Deli Van; (i) Stannards Butchers BBQ.


It has still to be established exactly what units will attend on the Friday.




It was agreed that breaks for the volunteers on stage must be adhered to. They must also have access to refreshments of Tea/Coffee etc. Water will also be available. Plug point at changing area to allow heating of water etc.


It was also discussed that the barriers were moved for dance performances and they should have been moved back. At the time of writing, it has been agreed with Phil Simpson he can take control of security in the stage area and it was also agreed that the stage area needs 6 Marshalls.


At the time of writing, Phil Simpson has visited Terry at home and supplied 3 quotes for the Festival: Stuart from Gearhire is £6500 inc VAT for the two days and that will be the final figure. The best quote is from Andy at Eclipse, Ipswich who comes in at £5500 (TBC) and a company called DHE at £6000 inc VAT although they stated that would be a 1st year only intro offer. From that we can assume the price could rise from them in the following years if Sax Fest continues. We are awaiting the final figure from Eclipse and a site visit before any agreement is made. Expected by end of January.


Bands and any theme for Fri and Sat


A reggae band called XCS has been booked for Friday 22nd July. The theme could be a Caribbean one with musical roots for the evening. Richard will place something on Facebook in the next few days. At the time of writing this has now been done.






Kevin and Jane will have the Festival website up and running and the new host taken over from our previous one by the end of January. Kevin requested the promotional photos and blogs from the bands and food outlets to be available as soon as possible.




A representative from Businesses of Saxmundham(BOS) meeting, Scott Russell of Paddy and Scott’s coffee business has spoken to a marketing person. Terry is still waiting for a call from a business entrepreneur called Rachel Ducker for advice on Sax Fest marketing. Terry has made a direct call and spoken to Rachel Ducker and her partner Sam for a meeting to discuss Marketing. This needs to be completed before finalisation of the SaxFest website planning of Website and before our meetings with Leiston Press to discuss advertising.


The main meeting continued :


Carolyn has spoken with a lady who has a stall featuring strawberries. She also has an ice cream maker for which she would need a power supply. It is not yet certain this will be available to her but in any case it is believed that she has her own generator.


Terry said that he needs to speak again very soon with Richard Deyn

to establish what, if any, plans he has for the Friday night as it had been the intention to restrict this to a fairly ‘adult’ night for the more mature people in the community particularly as the Saturday is geared towards younger people.

Carolyn reminded Terry that we need to make arrangements for litter clearing after the Friday event and prior to the start of the Saturday programme.


6 Other activities in 2016


Although Roy could not be at the meeting he has put forward a proposal for consideration by the Committee. He has suggested that before we take any steps to arrange additional social activities we ask the membership for their views. For example a letter could be prepared and hand-delivered asking if they have any suggestions we can consider e.g.


Music Events in the Market Hall

Hanging baskets in Brook Farm Road

Halloween and Christmas parties for children

Any other events


The letter should make it clear that we may not be able to implement all suggestions but promise to give any ideas our full consideration. We could ask our members to let us have their ideas by email. We will assure all those who respond that their email address will not be used for any other purpose than BFRA business. Finally the letter should thank them for their past support with the hope that they will continue to support us in the future.


Roy indicated he would be willing to undertake the delivery of these letters but naturally would be very grateful if others can offer their assistance. It was suggested this subject will be discussed again at the next meeting when more members of the committee present.


Nigel also put forward an idea to encourage neighbours to participate in joint ventures and to this end initially he plans to contact all the residents of Tennyson Road (non BFRA members as well as Members) with a view to organising something of mutual interest. For example a minibus could be hired to take them to a pub for the evening or anywhere else they might like to go. Apart from the social aspect, this could   prove to be an opportunity to get more members and even some volunteers.


7 Web site


Kevin and Jane have completed the first draft for the Sax Fest web site which has received unanimous approval from the Committee. It is believed our contract for the BFRA website with the current host provider is due to expire shortly and Ian should liaise with Neil Thomson about this as a matter of urgency.









It was agreed that collections should commence beginning of June and a target completion date by middle of July. Carolyn told the meeting that Christine and David Cooper of Bittern Road have expressed an interest and she will email them to ask if they would like to attend the next Committee meeting.   We should also take that opportunity to ask them formally if they would like to join the Committee.


9 Newsletter


It was agreed that newsletter should be ready for delivery around middle of May. The Sax Fest programme should be included together with details of any other activities which we may organise plus any other contributions which we may receive.

10 AGM


BFRA have not held an Annual General meeting for a couple of years but Terry feels we should do so this year. Rather than go the expense of hiring the school hall it was suggested we hold the meeting in the Sax Social Club but use the back room as it is hoped there may be a larger number than for our Committee meetings. It should be born in mind that we have to give not less than 21 days notice of the intended meeting. At this meeting we should undertake election of Committee members. Provisional date is

Monday 11th April 2016.











Nigel raised the question of BFRA nominating the White Hart as an asset of community value.  This would ensure that, if the property were to be sold or an application put in for change of use,  the local community would be allowed to buy it.  It is important for this building at the heart of the High Street to be retained for public use rather than converted to private dwellings or other use.  Respondents to the Saxmundham Town survey indicated a high degree of interest in having a ‘community pub’ in the town and this listing would help towards achieving that objective.  This would not commit BFRA to either buying the property or fundraising if the White Hart were to come up for sale.


Terry added that he was willing together with others to clean street furniture on Brook Farm Estate. A lot of road signs have algae and require a wash. This could also be discussed at a later date. Nigel suggested it commenced in the warmer weather.


Date of next meeting Monday 22nd February 2016.