July 2013

Minutes of  Committee Meeting

Monday 15th July 2013

1. Present at meeting


Terry Barrow, Neil and Debbie Thomson, Colin Dennison, Ian Tickle, Dave and Chris Martin and Brenda Gibberd.












Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Carolyn and Nigel Hiley,  Tracy and Matt Brinded, Jess Spall and Pam McGowan.


Minutes of last meeting


These  were read and accepted – there being no matters arising.


Treasurer’s Report


Colin had already distributed copies of the latest figures which show we have £867.82 in the bank plus £597.58 in petty cash – a total of £1465.40. To date we have banked £555.00 in membership fees but there are still some more to be collected.  Tracy already has her float for the Fun Day bar and Neil and Debbie asked for £50 float for the sweet stall.  Terry asked Neil what sort of profit was made at last year’s Fun day.  He explained this is difficult to establish as quite a lot of sweets were left over and distributed at the Halloween party.  In the past there has also been some exchange of soft drinks with the bar when they ran out.   Terry said that it is important that if this happens at next Saturday’s event a records should be kept of what was handed over and an estimate made of the remaining sweet stock.  This will make accounting simpler and more realistic.


















































































Summer Fun Day Saturday 20th July.


If everybody who has expressed an interest turns up we will have 28 participants. Colin assured the meeting there will be sufficient funds to pay for everything and in any case there should be income from the bar and others.   Dave proposed that there be table at the entrance and BFRA members be given a raffle ticket  for a draw at the end of the events programme.   Non members will be asked to join and if they refuse they will be asked if they would like to make a donation of £2 towards the costs of the event and this donation will purchase a raffle ticket.   Dave and Chris will take responsibility for his.  This was discussed and Dave’s proposal was seconded by Terry.  Neil undertook t print some programmes of the events.


At previous events the bar takings have not been very high but as warm weather is expected it is possible that the beer runs out.   Neil said that he has ordered a barrel of Becks for his own garden party which he will be happy to pass on to Tracy if needed.  If this occurs, Tracy is asked to count the number of pints sold so that Neil will know how much is left in the barrel (if any).  Neil would then be reimbursed out of the takings or a replacement keg arranged.


It has been regular practice that the Fire Department and Tennis Court personnel be given a card allowing them to have a free burger.  Terry said that the singer ,  Abbey Harrison, had made it known that she does not expect any payment. However the meeting agreed that we would give her a Next voucher for £20, which are available from Tesco.  Colin will arrange this.


Bunting will be put up on Friday with the help of Terry, Dave and Ian and Dave undertook to fill up the jerry cans with fuel for the generators.  Terry is organising a tow rope for the tug-o-war.


Terry explained that he has requested two large refuse bins from the Council but he has not yet heard if this will happen.  If not, then several committee members said they had spare dustbins which they could loan for the day.


Halloween Disco


To be discussed at the next meeting.


November Music Night


To be discussed at next meeting.


Proposed Sax Music Fest for 2014.


Terry had written to the Saxmundham Sports and Recreations Club asking whether they would agree, in principle, to the use of Carlton Park field for such an event.  Their reply was brief and an unequivocal ‘no’.  Colin expressed his surprise at this, in view of the fact that their terms of reference require them to provide leisure facilities for the people of Saxmundham.  Whilst we do not expect them to change their minds, Neil will write to them advising our disappointment in their decision and asking them to elaborate on their reasons particularly in view of what Colin has ascertained.  (There are, in any case, several other possible venues including the Middle School Field, Meerkat Hall and the Fromus Centre).




Dave told the meeting he was disappointed that some of the road reps have not yet completed their collections and, in one case, has not even made a start.   It is hoped this situation will improve shortly.




Terry has made enquiries to discover that no decisions have been made or are likely to be made in the forseeable future.  As we have already canvassed our membership thoroughly and had a very good response, and sent our findings to the department concerned, we can do no more.  The meeting agreed with this view.


Date of next meeting.


Monday, 16th September.