July 2015

Minutes of Committee Meeting

Wednesday 15th July 2015


1 Present at meeting


Ian Tickle, Terry Barrow, Colin Dennison, Dave Martin, Carolyn Hiley, Kevin and Jane Gale and Brenda Gibberd.


Visitors: Councillor Roger Plant; Paul and Kay Readhead and Bradley Haselton.















Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Tracy Brinded, Roy and Margaret Venables and Nigel Hiley.







Before the meeting started Councillor Roger Plant announced that Terry Barrow has been awarded the Sabre Award which is for services to the community. He will be presented with this award in September. The meeting applauded this decision.


Minutes of last meeting


These were read and approved.


4 Treasurer’s Report


Colin advised there is currently £2,900 in the BFRA account together with £150 in cash from membership collections. The balance in the Sax Fest account is £12,400 but most of that is already earmarked for the festival. At the moment we have about £2,600 for contingencies, e.g. advertising, sign writing etc, Colin suggested that he will prepare a detailed statement of expenditure which he will pass to the Saxmundham Town Council. There was general agreement to this proposal. Roger Plant said that it would be very useful for the Council to have details of where the money has been spent.




5 Sax Fest


Terry explained that he has spoken to Tracy about the bar set up and orders and she has everything in hand.


Terry introduced Paul Readhead and his wife, Kay, who are experienced Masters of Ceremonies and good entertainers who will present the various acts during the day.


Terry went on to explain what is planned :


Extra toilets are to be provided making a total of 10 conventional ones and 2 for the disabled.  Last year some of the toilets became full but the suppliers have assured him this will not be a problem this time as they can be replaced if necessary.   If, by any chance, there is a problem with any of the toilets one of the stewards will put a notice on it indicating it is out of order and seal the door with adhesive tape so it cannot be used.


A photographer has indicated he is prepared to take photographs for between £50 and £75.



It is anticipated that we can make a few thousand pounds from bar sales which can go back into the kitty. We will need to discuss how we can make money out of this event to sustain it. Although we have received sponsorship from a variety of sources for the last two years we will not be able to rely on this in the future should it be decided to hold an annual event. It has been very encouraging to see that there are people outside BFRA who have shown interest in becoming involved. Ian suggested this could be an ideal time to establish interest from other organisations in Saxmundham who would like to become involved.


Terry continued by saying that whilst we have been most appreciative of the Town Council’s financial backing this year (including the additional £3,000 recently contributed), we cannot expect them to subsidise the event indefinitely and we have to think of other ways to find the funds.


At the event on 25th there will large boards erected at the back and sides of the stage area to act as screens and reduce noise levels to the properties behind. It is proposed we have a notice displayed which asks “Sax Fest needs you” or similar, asking people if they would like to become involved in subsequent events. The space on the stage boarding is another income from sponsored advertising if the festival continues in 2016.


New legislation (Construction and Design Management) has come into force since last year’s event and we have adapted the stage area to comply with this.


There will be about 30 children performing with George of Musica and Bev the dance tutor. Participants from the Fromus Centre will also be involved with drums and dance.


The Music workshops will start at 10am and should be finished by 11.30 when the first ‘formal’ act will begin.


Terry was asked about beer glasses and jugs (for Pimms etc). He explained that Tracy has purchased extra glasses of the rigid plastic variety. There will be a deposit payable on the jugs (as quite a few went missing last year). We will have 30+ barrels of ale on site and we can call on the Eels Foot pub if we need any more. They have been very helpful and are willing to take back any unsold beer should that prove necessary.


Donations have been received from the following:


Tesco’s – a cage and a half of wines + ingredients for Meadowbrook to provide tea and cakes..

Anglia Water – 240 bottles of water

Waitrose – 120 bottles of water

A large fridge will be used at the side of the stage for performers use.


The stage will be set up on Thursday (structure) and the rest of the site will be erected on Friday. Terry and Dave will be available to erect our marquees. One marquee will house the re-charging points etc. Dave Martin has located a flag pole but will try to get a BFRA pennant flag to fly over the central marquee (the main Control point area).


Terry has spoken with Ainsley from Abba Chic and she said they are really excited about coming to our festival and it so happens that the date is her birthday.


There followed a discussion about emergency procedures. Code Green is OK/normal. Code Red means immediate evacuation of all areas. Code Orange partial evacuation, Blue means stewards should gather at emergency points. Code White indicates smoke or fire and ‘something of interest’ being a suspect package or device. As control managers Terry and Chris Lucas will be wearing red jackets Entry to the site is via the main gate off Rendham Road will be called Point 1 and the gate beside the scout hut Point 2.



Ian has 15 buckets and will obtain sand for these to be used for cigarette butts. No smoking is allowed in the bar area or marquees. We have ordered from Suffolk Coastal large litter and recycle bins. Stewards are asked to pick up litter wherever they see it and put it into the bins and to refresh the cigarette buckets as needed. Terry has already accumulated a quantity of useful items but needs to ensure he has the following:


Gaffer tape; toilet rolls; thick black market pens; rubber gloves.


A mop and bucket and Dettol will be available for toilet floor use. (If needed).


The Warrior Fire Service will be on site and supplying fire extinguishers. They can deal with small fires. Any serious incidents should be notified to the BFRA ‘commander’ in the central marquee who will inform the appropriate authority.


Stewards should take rest breaks when required but should ensure they tell the central command when they are off site and when they return.


There will be 5 security guards on site wearing black shirts and trousers plus a number of volunteers acting as stewards also easily identifiable.


Terry will supply a laminated list of important things for the MCs and stewards to know and a copy will be displayed clearly in the central command area.


It should be noted that the school car park is closed and locked at 11pm. A sign will be placed at the gate of the school.


Any lost children should be taken by stewards to the central control area.


No alcohol may be taken into the site that is not purchased from the bar. Security personnel will search everyone as they enter the site, including baggage.


At the end of the event questionnaires will be available from the central command area or can be filled in online.


Access for wheelchair users will be available at the rear of George’s tent.


TMS will direct traffic in Rendham Road where there will also be traffic lights. Stewards should not get involved in this at all.


















































































































6 Membership


About half the collectors have completed their rounds and have handed their collections to Colin. These include, Dave, Olla, Nigel, Pam and Tracy. Kevin has had several people hand him £3 and when he distributes the membership cards he will try to get some more members. He already has 80% signed up in Albert Road. Other collections continue.



7 Web site


Ian and Kevin have been able to get together to discuss this. Neil Thomson has agreed to pay for the domain etc for another year and we can then decide whether we will continue along the same lines or set up a new design.


8 Date of next meeting:


Wednesday 29th July, 8pm at the Sax Social Club.