June 2013

Minutes of  Committee Meeting

Monday 17th June 2013



1. Present at meeting


Terry Barrow, Neil and Debbie Thomson, Colin Dennison, Carolyn & Nigel Hiley, Pamela McGowan and Brenda Gibberd.


2. Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Dave & Chris Martin, Lorraine Rodway, Tracy Brinded and Val & Harry Morgan.


Minutes of last meeting


These  were read and accepted – there being no matters arising


3. Treasurer’s Report


Colin had already sent out the financial report from 13 May to 10 June which shows we are in a healthy financial position currently having £1469.14 in the bank.  Neil raised the point that when undertaking bar work for functions other than our own, it should be made clear to the third parties concerned that our costs for alcohol, staff etc must be met and we cannot be seen to be losing money.  It was suggested that a simple contract be drawn up which third parties must sign to confirm they will make good any shortfall incurred by BFRA in providing their assistance.  This was considered fair as we have no control of ticket sales and attendance.  It was agreed we should continue to give our help to other organisations as long as we adhere to the policy as outlined above.

Terry informed the meeting he has started talks with Greene King and

also with JV trading who are large wholesalers in Lowestoft to see if we can get better prices for beer and/or spirits.  The Sax Social Club has kindly agreed that barrels etc can be delivered to and stored by them if necessary.


Currently we are not using optics for spirit sales as these are quite expensive but Neil suggested that individual optics which plug into each bottle might save time and ensure accurate measures.  Tracy is asked for her views on this idea.
































































Summer Fun Day


Terry has prepared a list of people who have booked or expressed an interest in attending which include a wide variety of stalls etc.  The Boot Fair will be run independently in the school’s parking area.  It is hoped that this should add footfall to the whole event.  Some of the items featured in the fun day will cost us a fee but the total cost of these should not exceed £600.  Julian has kindly agreed to collect the straw bales for us and he has asked to retain them for a wedding he is attending later in the the month.  Brenda will draft a poster for consideration.


There followed a discussion about what we might do next year as it is felt that the Fun Day idea has run its course and we should be looking at an alternative.  Something along the lines of  a Sax Fest with maybe three bands running between, say, 5pm and 10pm (so we cannot be accused of keeping anyone awake).  One possible venue might be Carlton Park but before any decisions are made we would need to get permission from the Trustee committee. Colin will draft a letter seeking their approval in principle.





The school has been booked as well as the disco.  By moving this event to the Saturday November 2nd rather than the actual Halloween night it is hoped that attendance will improve on last year, which was disappointing.   It was agreed if this event is not a success we will not run it next year.



November BFRA Music Night


The band Growler has again been booked for 16th November and Terry has also booked the Market Hall.













5. Newsletter


The meeting agreed that the last newsletter was the best yet and thanks all round especially Neil for the compilation.









6 Membership


Road reps have made a start on collections in their various territories and it is still hoped that all membership monies will be collected no later than the end of June.



7 Any other business


Kelsale School has again asked to borrow two gazebos for 12th July.   We agreed we would let them have the use of two of the older models.


Neil raised the subject of committee attendance and it was agreed that all those on the committee should let Brenda know whether they are attending a meeting or not.



Next Meeting Monday 15th July 8pm Sax Club, Albion Street.