June 2015

Minutes of Committee Meeting

Monday 22nd June 2015


1 Present at meeting


Terry Barrow, Colin Dennison, Dave & Chris Martin, Carolyn and Nigel Hiley, Roy Venables, Pam McGowan and Brenda Gibberd


2 Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Tracy Brinded, Ian Tickle and Margaret Venables.


3 Minutes of last meeting


These were read and approved.


4 Treasurer’s Report


Colin advised the Music Fest account now stands at £4,722. We need to transfer £8,500 from the BFRA account into the Music Fest account making a total of £13,222. We have already paid out £7,457 which will leave us a contingency of around £3,000 including our contribution of £2,000 which has not yet been transferred. Colin is also holding £400 in cash.


Colin was asked what arrangements had been made to pay monies whilst he is away on business. He told the meeting he would leave the BFRA cheque book with either Terry or Brenda who are both signatories together with Dave. Terry is also a signatory to the Sax Fest account and although Ian has been sent the forms to complete to add his signature, these have not yet been returned to Colin.


Terry was pleased to advise that the Town Council have donated a further £3,000 and asked Brenda to write a thank-you letter to the Town Clerk.


















5 Sax Fest


There was some discussion about whether or not we would require an additional marquee (in case of wet weather).   Terry explained that a large one is available to us at a cost of £400. We do not have to commit to taking it at this stage as the supplier is happy to keep it in reserve for us. (Terry will continue to monitor the weather forecasts).


Erection of the stage will start on Thursday, 23rd July. There will be a number of cheques prepared and placed in envelopes which Terry will hold and pass on as appropriate.


Dave asked whether we have adequate control over the free meal vouchers that are given out to performers etc. Terry explained that however many are given out the burger van people will have to return the same number to keep the books straight. If anybody chooses not to use their voucher, then only the number actually returned will be taken into account.


A band will be performing every hour during the day for about 40 minutes leaving 20 minutes each hour for workshops.


Phil Simpson will be presenting on stage for most of the day and it has been agreed that Paul Redhead, who is a master of ceremonies, will continue presenting between 5pm and 10.15pm. His charge for this service is £150.


Some promotional signs have already been erected and a number of smaller posters have been printed and laminated ready to circulate around the town. Brenda suggested there should be signage on the A12 near to the Rendham Road junction.   2000 copies of the programme will be included in the next issue of Saxmundham News and a further 500 programmes will be distributed throughout the Town, e.g. the Library and held at the event.


Dave suggested he could contact Radio Suffolk to ask them to promote BFRA and membership.


For reasons of security, every bag will be searched at the entrance to check for any glass, alcohol or offensive weapon.   People will have the right to refuse the search but refusal will mean no admittance to the Music Fest.


Kevin has prepared a questionnaire for use at the end of the festival asking people for their views on the event. They can also use their smart phones to register their response. There was a discussion about the relevance of some of the questions and Carolyn undertook to consider the document, circulate it to other Committee members, and send the final version to Kevin for his return.


Carolyn suggested we should make an announcement at the end of the event asking if there are any volunteers who would be prepared to assist with the tidy up process on Sunday morning. The committee agreed to this idea.














































6 Membership


Carolyn reported some collectors are experiencing various problems securing subscription payments. Dave has finished his round. A few residents have said they do not wish to pay and several feel that as tenants rather than owners they do not need to join. Efforts to collect the rest of the membership fees will continue.   Collections have always been problematic and Terry suggested that if we plan to repeat the SaxFest, we give up on membership fees and charge at the gate. This may well give us a better return.


7 Any other business


While doing his membership round, Nigel has been asking residents if there are any other things that they would like BFRA to organise. A few suggested a regular quiz. Terry said this had been tried before but the take up was very poor.

Nigel mentioned that a number of people seemed interested in a pub outing and

this will be considered.


8 Date of next meeting


Wednesday, 15th July. 7.3opm at Sax Social Club.