June 2016

Minutes of Committee Meeting

Wednesday 22nd June 2016


1 Present at meeting


Terry Barrow, Colin Dennison, Nigel and Carolyn Hiley and Brenda Gibberd.


2 Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Ian Tickle, Roy and Margaret Venables, Kevin and Jane Gale, Christine and David Carpenter and Tracy Brinded.


3 Minutes of last meeting


The Minutes were read and, there being no matters arising, were approved


4 Treasurer’s report


Colin reported we have £1854 in the BFRA account having paid £345 for the newsletter and £54 for items for the Music Fest. Most this money will be used for the Music Fest bar floats.


There followed a general discussion about Pimms for the bar. Tracy had reported this was in short supply but it now appears that as well as Morrison’s having some in stock at £12, Waitrose also have bottles at the same price.   As we require quite a large quantity, Terry will approach Waitrose to see if we can get a better deal on the price.   Tesco are providing water and have intimated they may be able to help with some other items.


The Music Fest account stands at £14214.19 including the £10,000 from the Town Council. Richard has been paid as well as Gryphon for the security services. The rest of the Music Fest money is fully committed.   The total cost of the Music Fest amounts to approximately £26000.


There was some discussion about purchasing ponchos to sell on if there is rain on the day It was decided not to do this as we could be left with unsaleable stock.




Music Festival


Terry will be sending a letter to all stall holders explaining that the white tables and chairs are strictly for the use of the public and not for the stalls. (The stallholders may bring their own chairs if required).


Trinity’s will be providing beverages and cakes etc and will need 3 x 6ft trestle tables, i.e. about 8 square metres. Nigel will calculate roughly how many tables and chairs can be accommodated in the marquee and elsewhere.


The subject of electrics was discussed, in particular for the Bus which will require a considerable amount of power. The bus would also need to be parked overnight so it was agreed that they be asked for £30 to cover the cost of electricity and the overnight parking would be free.












The meeting then discussed the list of beers etc that Tracy had sent to Terry and Colin. There seems to be some confusion about real ale – Ghostship in particular. To clarify this matter Colin will contact Tracy to establish exactly what it is that she plans to order. Terry said that Adnams want the order as a matter of urgency and Tracy will be reminded about this.











Carolyn advised the meeting that she anticipates the collections will be completed by the end of July. She also raised a query about the BFRA email address. In the recent newsletter anyone wishing to comment or suggest anything for consideration has been asked to email feedback@bfra.org.uk Do any incoming emails go to Ian? If not, to whom and have we had any replies. Not all the Committee members have been included in the BFRA email facility.   Can this be done if required?













Web site


Carolyn asked about BFRA keeping in touch any associate members especially allowing them to have access to the newsletter. The committee agreed that any newsletter or subsequent ones should be included on the web site together with the minutes, which are not yet up to date. Ian to be asked if he can arrange that.











Any other business


The White Hart


Nigel reminded the meeting that there is to be a meeting to discuss the future of The White Hart 7.30pm on Thursday 30th June in the Market Hall.





Date of next meeting


Wednesday, 3rd August 2016.