March 2015

Minutes of Committee Meeting

Monday 20th March 2015


1 Present at meeting


Ian Tickle, Colin Dennison, Terry Barrow, Carolyn and Nigel Hiley, Margaret and Roy Venables, Chris and Dave Martin, Pamela McGowan and secretary Brenda Gibberd. Guests, Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Gale who live on the Mayflower Green development were present part time.


2 Apologies for absence


None received.







Minutes of last meeting


These were read and approved.


Matters arising


Saxmundham Primary School Fete: Terry advised that this is in progress They are planning a bar and Tracy has agreed to run this – mainly Pimms and soft drinks.


Fido Bins: Carolyn reported these remain unemptied but they should be dealt with shortly. The Council explained they have been particularly busy recently.









4 Finance Report


Colin told the meeting that as the end of our financial year is tomorrow he will finalise the accounts then and circulate them to all Committee members. Tracy still has some monies from the Meadowbrook event to pay in. Terry did contact her to request information regarding the takings. Bar takings were poor as not very many people attended. Very little beer was consumed and a deposit was not taken from Meadowbrook. It is essential we take a deposit from all third parties for whom we run a bar and, if takings are good, this deposit can be refunded.   Fortunately, in this instance, we can use the remaining beer for the Music Night on 1st May.


Our bank account stands at £3207 and the Music Fest account has £2963. So far we have had £9100 promised from various donors. The total amount we have committed stands at £13674 which leaves us with about £2000 to find. Awards for All funding has been re submitted for £5500.


A quotation for provision of an external power source at the scout’s hut has been received and this is rather more expensive than first envisaged. Originally we had undertaken to pay for this but Haydn from the scouts has said they and Stocks fair will also put something towards the cost.












Sax Music Fest


The music workshops are due to start May 15th. Unfortunately Richard has not yet had as much interest as last year and the number of young people who have signed up so far is down. We need to concentrate our efforts to encourage others to participate and to this end we have promoted the event on Facebook, Streetlife, in the local press and in our next newsletter. Terry has also had a meeting with the Principal of the Leiston Academy to see if any of their pupils are interested.


We are hiring the Fromus centre for 10 weeks and S.A.D.C.I.C. have promised us a donation of £500 towards funding.


Terry said that there have been a few comments made about the lack of things to do for the children. Bearing in mind that the festival is mainly a music event, Terry said we are including such items as face painting, pottery making and sand sculpting but we need to ensure that we have sufficient space for any extra stalls.


There followed a discussion about the possibility of providing Wi-Fi so that visiting children can use their tablets. Terry had already contacted Northumberland Water (who own Essex and Anglia Water) for advertising on the water tower. They refused this request but said they will donate 500 bottles of water. Ian agreed to make contact with other organisations who may be prepared to provide Wi-Fi and we will undertake to advertise this if he is successful.




































Music Night Friday 1st May


This event is in aid of the local scouts (to provide the external power source at the scout hut) for overnight electric for security at the Music Fest. The two feature bands have agreed to perform free of charge with only a nominal amount of £40 to cover their diesel costs. Advance tickets at only £2 each are now on sale and every effort should be made to sell these.   Tickets at the door will be £4.


Halloween Children’s Disco


There was a brief discussion about this and it is likely we will do this again for 2015. It was agreed that the best date would be Friday 30th November to ensure it would not clash with the actual Halloween evening where it has been muted that most of the children wanted to ‘trick and treat as well as have a party.


6 Newsletter


Ian has prepared the first draft but has yet to prepare is Chairman’s report which he hopes to do shortly. A quotation has been received from Leiston Press to produce 350 copies but it was agreed this is insufficient as all homes on the Brook Farm estate will receive one plus about 50 for the Mayflower Green development. Brenda to contact Leiston Press and ask for another quotation for 700 copies.


It was proposed that we change the title from ‘Newsletter’ to ‘Magazine’ and Brenda stated the draft front cover made it look as if the entire thing was devoted to the Music Festival. It should be obvious that the publication is the BFRA Magazine although it can also feature details of the Music Fest. Ian undertook to include the various changes and circulate a further draft copy to the Committee.















7 Web Site


Ian is finding difficulties with the web site (wordpress) and needs assistance in the re-design. It was suggested One Suffolk produce free web sites, although muted these were ok for parishes and small organisations. At present we have our own host as and pay a charge each year for the domain. Then followed a discussion about how we could improve the way it is done currently. Ian said he will persevere with it, although time consuming.











Any other business


Town Council AGM 20th April


Although Terry and Colin confirmed they would will attend the Town Council AGM on 20th April and will man the BFRA table, Dave Martin and Roy Venables also indicated they will also attend.




Carolyn said she is still looking for a few more street reps to collect membership fees. One of her new collectors has asked for an ‘aide memoire’ listing the benefits of joining our association. Carolyn has made a list including events BFRA hold on a regular basis including the Children’s Halloween Party, The Music Festival, and Music Nights at various times of the year.   The Association can also act as a single voice in the event of any major local concerns. The meeting agreed we should not get involved with individual’s disputes with neighbours etc.


It is hoped that the newsletter will be ready for distribution by middle of April then and collections can start on 15th May and completed by 4th July.
















Saxmundham Futures


Terry and Colin attended this meeting and found it very interesting. A number of possible projects were discussed including :


Future developments of the Fromus Centre, Police Station, Ambulance Station, Old Primary School and Railway Station.


New road access to High Street via Street Farm Road.


Refurbishment of Market Hall via heritage funding.


Relocation of County offices in Street Farm Road and sale of existing building


Roger Plant would like to utilise part of a planned new Fromus Centre for young people but further consultation needs to take place with the town’s youth.


Notes on the meeting will be sent to Terry and Colin in due course and he will circulate them to the Committee.


  Date of next committee meeting


Monday, 27th April at 7.30 pm at Sax Social Club.