March 2016



Minutess of Committee Meeting

Tuesday 1st March 2016



1 Present at meeting


Ian Tickle, Terry Barrow, Kevin & Jane Gale, Roy & Margaret Venables, Tracy & Matt Brinded and Brenda Gibberd. Guests: Christine & David Cooper.

It is noted that Nigel and Carolyn voted in favour for new members Christine and David Cooper to be co-opted onto the main committee and seconded by Terry.


2 Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Colin Dennison, Carolyn & Nigel Hiley and Pam McGowan.


4 Minutes of last meeting


These were read and approved.   Brenda asked if anyone had a copy of the Minutes of last November’s meeting as she was unable to attend that meeting and needed a copy for her files.


5 Treasurer’s report


Colin could not be at this meeting but sent word from Zagreb that there had been very little change in the Sax Fest fund which stands at £7159. Outgoings include: £300 on ‘Acts’ to appear at the event; £825 on marquees, £200 for bar hire; and £1625 for the stage. We can expect 50% of the football club’s money to be donated to the Sax Fund.



6 Sax Fest 2016


There was a meeting of the Festival Sub-Committee on 18th February 2015 details of which follow:



Minutes Saxmundham Music Festival Sub Committee

Thursday 18th February 2016 7.30pm Sax Social Club

Present:- Terry Barrow, Colin Dennison, Nigel and Carolyn Hiley, Stuart Perry (Gearhire Stage and Lighting).



(1) Policies and Procedures (Risk Assessment, Child protection Event plan etc)


The Site plan is needed for this year for the licence and Chris Lucas will approach The Town Council for a plan of the Memorial Field.


(2) Security


Security group Gryphon are the chosen security company and will also look at our Traffic management. there was a discussion regarding our duty of care to the crossing of people coming into and exiting the event. It was apparent that there was a split in opinion of the costs to resolve this issue due to the footpath running out. Various methods were discussed including a portable zebra crossing, traffic lights, placing Herras fencing at strategic position, signage etc. Terry agreed to continue with the research into safest methods and costs.



(3) Marquees

Nothing to add.



(4) Licence

The licence application will be completed within the next few weeks by Chris Lucas. Request was made that we again ask the farmer Mick Prutton of Stratford St Andrew to supply the large lorry full of straw to dampen sound going to the rear. Terry agreed to do this.


(5) First Aid

The St Johns can make use of the new Youth Hut facility as agreed by the new owners.


(6) Bar


Not discussed.


(7) Food


A discussion took place about the meal deal for volunteers and Carolyn and Nigel agreed to resolve this with the various outlets to give our people a choice of food and cost amount. They would also find out the costs of the Pizzas sold at the event.

The mobile pizza company along with the Coffee Clinic both available to attend on Friday evening. Bob from the eli pulled out so discussed and agreed to ask Suffolk Cottage Catering to provide fish and chips as well as burgers etc. Phoned and left messages and e-mailed but still no reply from Cheryl!!

Form regarding insurance and catering certificates sent out to everyone with the exception of Vette’s Veggie Van (awaiting details of current address).

regarding meal deals. Vette’s Veggie will charge us £3 per meal, usual price £4. Also Clinton has agreed to charge us £4 for a pizza, instead of his usual price of £5.75. Need to know Suffolk Cottage catering meal deal and Tracy’s Friday night curry.


(8) Stage


Stuart   from Gearhire Sound and Light was asked to produce the relevant certificates of weight and wind loading for the risk assessment submission to Suffolk Advisory Group.

The question was raised about how deep the drainage is to allow buried cables to be dug in. It also become apparent that a new law will soon be in place to request crowd control barriers at the front of stages to be upgraded to the angled non tip type. The amount of barrier required for Sax Music Fest would be 12 metres. This would potentially cost a further £1000 perhaps next year.


(9) Bands and any theme for Fri and Sat


Not discussed.


(10. Website


Not discussed.


(11) Marketing.


It was explained that Leiston Press are in the process of doing all the marketing for the event and approaching local companies. They will sell advertisement space to them and place any monies available for us into a ‘pot’ for Music Fest 2017.



Continuing the main meeting:


6.1 Other activities


Letter to members.


Once again we discussed Roy’s suggestion for a letter which would go to all BFRA members outlining what we have done in the past and asking for any suggestions as to what they might like in the way of activities to be organised in the future. It was discussed it may be a good idea to get email addresses from all our members in order that we can keep them posted with what is happening. It was felt that some people may be reluctant to share their email addresses but the letter would assure them that we will use it only for one purpose and it will not be passed to anyone else. If the letter is to go to all properties instead of just to members, further volunteers will be needed to distribute them.


7 Web site


Ian has made valiant attempts to get this sorted. He has had several conversations with Neil Thomson and thought he had solved the problems. He has spent some time transferring data from the old to the new domain, only to discover that it does not work. He has liaised with Kevin also and now believes he may have solved the problems. In the meantime, he is considering putting a message on the site indicating it is temporarily closed for updating.


8 Membership


As planned. Membership collections will start early in June and be completed by mid July.


9 Newsletter


Chris Lucas has asked if he can include details about the Running Club. Kevin asked if we could also include something from the Museum. Both suggestions were agreed. Further organisations in the Town could also be asked for an inclusion including the Sports Club, BOS (Businesses of Saxmundham) and The British Legion. Other contributions are always welcome and these should be passed to Ian as soon as possible.


10 AGM 2016


It was agreed this would be held on Wednesday, 13th April at the Sax Social Club starting at 7.30pm.   In view of the fact we have to give 21 days’ notice we agreed we would add a postscript to the proposed letter to Members advising the time and date and simple posters could be places around the Brook Farm area and Terry will advise the Sax News. Brenda will prepare the poster and send it on to Ian for laminating



11 Any other business


11.1 Pedestrian crossing between Mayflower Green and Brook Farm.


A resident has expressed concern about the risk to children who need to cross Rendham Road to get to the High School (in both directions). From local knowledge, the Town had not consulted with the new builders when the site at Mayflower Green was in development stage. The chance of a footpath running along the whole side of the memorial field was never discussed. The main question asked was whether a pedestrian crossing could be installed. This is a question that has to go to the Town Council and on to Highways. It as discussed that there is a new footpath running along the back of Gilbert Drive giving access to the High School and coming out next to the Fire Station. Children would be able to cross from the Brook Farm Estate at the end of Bittern Road, onto the B1119 and a protective island. It was agreed that a letter be written to the Town Council to request Highways to install a Speed Indicator Device on the B1119 to measure the vehicles for one week.


11.2 Dog bins


As has been discussed previously, not all dog owners are picking up after their animals. Once again a quantity of plastic bags contain fido mess have appeared on foliage in a number of areas and it is believed this may be as a result of the dog bins being full on occasions. This may be also due to the fact that dog owners do not understand it is in order for them to put such items in with their general waste (grey bin). It was agreed Brenda will write a letter to the Town Council expressing members concerns and asking how often the bins are emptied. It appears the main three bins which fill quickest are at the top end of Carlton Park entrance from the Brook Farm Road, the one at the bottom of Tennyson and Ashfords Close behind the school and   one at the entrance to the park by the bridge at Thurlow Close.



8.2 Date of next Committee meeting


AGM on Wednesday, 13th April 2016 at 7.30pm.