May 2013

Minutes of Meeting

Wednesday22nd May 2013


  1. 1.    Present at meeting


  1. Terry Barrow, Neil Thomson, Colin Dennison, Tracy Brinded.


  1. 3.    Apologies for absence


  1. 4.    Apologies were received from Chris Lucas, Lorraine Rodway Carolyn & Nigel Hiley, Dave & Chris Martin, Brenda Gibberd, Ian Tickle


(Terry Barrow)


  1. Terry thanked everyone for the production of the last Newsletter. We all agreed that it was our best effort to date and was produced on time ready for the membership drive.


(All – Finances)

  1. A discussion of recent problems with our financial records followed. It was agreed that it was vital that we keep orderly accounts and to do so requires procedures with regard to cash transfers. We need to keep separate floats and not transfer any money internally without receipts. Receipts for expenses must be kept and given to Colin for reference.


(All – Bar)

  1. It is also important to ensure that the running of the bar must demonstrate full transparency with an end of year stock take.
  2. It was further agreed that all 3rd party events using our bar would be expected to meet any financial shortfall. It was improper that the BFRA should help fund any social events and must be “cost neutral” to the organisation.
  3. It was agreed that additional staff who assist on a BFRA event night (e.g. David) should be offered payment at the standard rate. The decision should rest with Tracey or an attending committee member.
  4. Terry agreed to talk to Green King to see if we could get improved terms on our drinks etc. Adnams refuse to restock any full barrels which cause us a dilemma on orders for events.









(All – Events)

  1. Tracey agreed to set up the bar on the 50’s & 60’s night but couldn’t run as she had a prior engagement. It was agreed that Jemma Gates and Hayley Thomson would run the bar instead.


  1. The Fun Day was discussed. As beer sales are poor on this event it was decided to purchase bottles or use the remaining kegs from previous events.
  2. Matt, Jemma and Molly are going to run the BBQ. Terry to find out how many sausages and burgers were consumed at the previous Fun Day for reference. Also any sauces, cheese, onions etc. used so we can estimate 2013 requirements.
  3. We will pay the Bouncy Castle £300.00 and split the profits, The Broadside Boys are going to cost £100.00, The Mystic Belly Dancers £30.00 and The Punch and Judy £55.00. Other attractions include The Ice Cream Van, Sax Scouts, Steam Engine, Kelsale Primary School, Air Cadets, Ably Harris, Bowls and the Cats Protection League, all at zero cost.


  1. The date of the children’s BFRA Christmas Party is 14th December 2013.


  1. The date for the Halloween Children’s Disco is 2nd November between 5-7P.M. Neil stated that the move back to a Saturday should result in more attendees. We may decide not to run the event again if attendance was again disappointing.


  1. Terry to investigate a possible trip to St Peters Brewery which was very popular some years ago.


  1. A discussion followed regarding the 2014 Fun Day. Neil felt that it was time for a change and perhaps a gig night (SaxFest) located in the Sports Field would be more appropriate. There was general enthusiasm for this option and it was agreed to discuss this further later in the year.


(All – Membership)

  1. Good progress has been made and the target date for completion is at the end of June.


(Neil – Website)

  1. Neil to upload the recent Newsletter to the website for public access.


  1. Minutes of last AGM and matters arising

These were read and agreed, there being no matters arising


  1. Date of next Committee meeting – 8pm Monday 17th June 2013 at the Sax Social Club.