May 2015

Minutes of Committee Meeting

Tuesday, 26th May 2015


1 Present at meeting


Ian Tickle, Terry Barrow, Colin Dennison, Dave Martin, Carolyn and Nigel Hiley, Kevin and Jane Gale and Brenda Gibberd.


2 Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Roy and Margaret Venables and Pam McGowan.  No other apologies were received.


3 Minutes of last meeting


These were read and approved.


4 Matters arising


Ian informed the meeting that he has booked the disco for the Children’s Halloween party for Friday, October 30th and a deposit has been paid. He

now needs to book the school.
























Treasurer’s report


Colin advised the meeting that the Music Night on 1st May was a great success. The bar takings were £1500, and ticket money at the door was about £300. Our current bank balance including petty cash totals £3121.

These figures do not include any new Membership income.


Terry said that he is extremely reluctant to do another Music Night as, on this occasion, he was on his own for the entire evening and had no help putting out chairs, taking money at the door, putting everything away at the end of the evening and waiting for the bands to remove all their equipment. There followed a discussion about how this situation could be avoided in future and, if no other committee members are available to help, we should consider asking someone from outside to take on this job. Terry has a lady in mind (Charlie) and will make preliminary enquiries about this.   This matter needs to be given further thought.


Sax Fest Funding


To date actual and promised funding has reached £19,675. Committed expenditure is £18,763. These figures include £5,500 from the Big Lottery and £2000 from Brook Farm funds. This would leave us with about £900 to carry forward. Colin has approached Tescos to see if they would be prepard to make a donation. They have kindly agreed that they will supply the ingredients needed by Meadowbrook Playcare children to make teas and cakes and which should allow them to make a little more profit. The Committee were asked if they could think of a similar good idea with which to approach Waitrose.

















6 Membership


With the exception of the area that Ken Howe used to cover, all the other street reps have their ‘packs’ ready and collections should start with immediate effect. It is hoped that all collections will be in by Saturday, 4th July.








7 Web site


Ian has made no progress with this as lack of time has prevented him from getting together with Kevin.   It is hoped this can be re-scheduled very soon. At this point Ian had to leave the meeting.





































Any other business


Brenda proposed that Kevin and Jane Gale be formerly co-opted on to the BFRA Committee and this was seconded by Carolyn. This was

unanimously approved..


Sax Fest


Although Terry feels he has most matters concerning the Music Festival in hand, Carolyn suggested a list be drawn up of the tasks that volunteers need to do befre, during and after the music festival (recalling what we did last year) so they can be eaasily assigned once everyone has confirmed their availabiity with Terry. The list so far includes:


a) Clearing of site on the Friday, 24th July and on Sunday 26th June..

b) Protection for outside door to scout hut.

c) Car parking

d) Barrier to be provided across pathway

e) Lost children procedure

f) Performers’ wrist bands

g) Erection of fencing (already ordered)

h) Placing of tables and chairs in bar area

i)   Provision for anyone who wishes to join BFRA

j)   Sound monitoring

k) Confirm beer availability with The Bell and the Eels Foot.

l)   Ask security man if the overnight cover can be extended by 1 hour.


Terry needs to talk with Tracy as a matter of urgency to discuss bar matters.


June 6th – trip to Sweffling White Horse


Following the last successful evening, Nigel is planning another on Saturday 6th June when they will be featuring a duo called Silbury Hill. Price will depend on how many people can attend to split the cab fare. Please contact Nigel or Carolyn if you are interested.

































Date of next meeting – to be advised.




Subsequent to the meeting, Carolyn has thought of two more items to add to the list of tasks for volunteers:


m) Removing advertising posters after the event

n)   Servicing the toilets.