May 2016


Minutes of Committee Meeting Wednesday 11th May 2016


  1. Present at Meeting

Terry Barrow, Colin Dennison, Kevin Gale, Ian Tickle, Roy and Margaret

Venables, Christine and David Cooper and Brenda Gibberd.


  1. Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Jane Gale and Carolyn and Nigel Hiley.


  1. Minutes of last meeting


These were read and approved. Brenda said that she had omitted mention of a £10  wine voucher which had been agreed at the last meeting as she was not sure who the recipient was to be. Terry confirmed this was for Neil Thomson for his valuable help in assisting with the BFRA web site changeover. Agreed that Brenda will action.


  1. Treasurer’s Report


Colin advised we have £2848 in the BFRA account and £6920 in the Music Fest. We are awaiting £6500 from the Council and Ward Councilors and we will be writing to the Town Council to ask for £7500. This should prove sufficient to cover our costs. We are also expecting £500 from EDF and £100 from Ipswich Building Society. We will need two floats for the Friday and Saturday bars which may need to be borrowed from the BFRA account. Terry confirmed that the cheque for £500 has been dropped off to the committee of the Saxmundham Football Club as a donation from an event we supplied the bar for.


  1. Sax Music Fest


Terry reported we are planning to spend more money on security than previously. We will need 10 security officers for the event including 2 officers on the Thursday night as the Marquees and some of the beer will be delivered on Wednesday afternoon. The total cost of security will be about £3000.

We will also need some lighting to illuminate the area where the road crossing will be. Terry has been researching this on line and has found one with its own generator for £175. Normal lights are £12each from Jewson’s. There will be a designated crossing from the Brook Farm side across to the Memorial Field.

Ian proposed we have at least two collectors at each exit at the end of each evening as this produced a good source of revenue last year. Terry said he has another four collection buckets available.

The music line-up has now been organised by Richard and details will be made available shortly.

Terry advised there has been a change of plan with regard to food as Stannards butcher is unable to be there due to an unexpected double booking. Terry has arranged for Smokin’ Joes to be take his place.

A full programme will appear in the July edition of the Saxmundham Times which will be distributed at the beginning of July. We have also been asked by Leiston Press if we would like to be in the June edition of all local newsletters which include, Leiston, Framingham. They will include an editorial mention for free. Kevin will prepare the advertisement. Kevin also said he would ask Jane to do a poster for the event featuring the Robbie Williams tribute act for inclusion in the above newsletters.

Waitrose are agreeable to display our music fest signage on their fence. Terry said it would also be a good idea to have some signs at both the North and South Entrances to the Town.


6          Other events 

The children’s Halloween party will be held again this year and we are also considering a children’s Christmas party.


  1. Web Site 

The BFRA site is now up and running. Regarding the Sax Music Fest website, Kevin said the only thing he has not yet put on is details of the running order times and is awaiting this information.


8          Membership

Before going on holiday Carolyn was confident that everything was in hand for collections to start on time.


  1. Newsletter           

Ian advised that unfortunately this is running a little late due to pressures of work. He is confident, however, that he will have it ready shortly, i.e. later this week. A discussion took place about delivery of the newsletter to the estate. Roy and Margaret offered to organise delivery of them and will ask road reps and others to assist with the deliveries.


  1. Any other business

10.1    Email

As a result of Brenda’s problems with emails to and from BT customers, she is now using her BFRA email address. Ian expressed surprise that this still worked and will look into ensure that we have the BFRA email facility for other committee members to use and to be used to collect data from members.


10.2 Dirty road signs

Terry said that some of the road signs on the estate are so dirty they needed a clean and offered to Karcher them.


Date of next meeting

7.30 pm Wednesday 15th June 2016 at the Sax Social Club.