AGM 2010



Date of meeting: Tuesday 20th April 2010


1 Present at meeting (in no particular order) ACTION
Pam and Phil PeelingDon TrickerIan Tickle

Brenda Gibberd

Terry Barrow

Chris Lucas

Ron Ashford

Pam and Frank McGowan

Mandy and Steve Jordan

Matt Brinded

Tracy McMullan

Alison and Kurt Norman

Lorraine and Andy Rodway

Barry Jones

2 Apologies for absenceApologies were received from Neil Thomson who had business commitments elsewhere.
3 Chairman’s introduction.In the absence of Barry Jones, (who arrived later), Brenda Gibberd opened the meeting by thanking those present for their attendance.  It was  agreed that we would defer the Chairman’s Introduction until later and proceed with the next item on the agenda.
4 Matters Arising from Minutes of 2009 AGMThere were no matters arising from the minutes of last year’s AGM. It was proposed by Terry Barrow that these be accepted which was seconded by Frank McGowan. There being no objections the acceptance was passed unanimously.

However, Mr and Mrs. Peeling queried the minutes of the Committee meeting dated 22 September 2009. Mrs. Peeling went on to say that the only reason she and her husband had not been able to undertake the door to door collection of membership fees last year was that the newsletters did not arrive in time before they went away on holiday.  They had informed the Membership Secretary about this in advance and felt that the manner in which this had been minuted reflected badly on them and they were rather angry about about this.  Brenda extended the Committee’s apologies and Mrs. Peeling said she would like to see an amendment to the minutes published on the website as soon as possible.  (This message will be passed to Neil Thomson. our Webmaster).

It was explained to Mr and Mrs. Peeling that the “lively discussion” referred to in the September minutes was not about Mr and Mrs. Peeling but about whether BFRA should continue with membership fees and if BFRA should or should not charge for entry on the summer fun day.  The Committee is very aware of the excellent contributions made by Mr and Mrs. Peeling in the past which have been much appreciated and their resignation will be a great loss.

















5 Treasurer’s ReportFrank McGowan distributed copies of his report for the period 2008/9 which showed a credit balance of £319.65 of which £57.64 is petty cash.  Membership numbers are significantly down on the previous year, by about one third, and not all our social events have proved as profitable as was hoped.

Don Tricker asked if we had made any applications for additional grants as he believes that there is money available for the asking.  He went on to say that SADCIC, (Saxmundham and District Community Interest Company), are prepared to offer BFRA their help in making such an application, if needed. Don explained that it is a very simple procedure and is something we should look at doing either later this year or next year.

Frank resumed his report by explaining that although membership income was down, we were still able to put on the children’s’ Halloween event and we contributed towards 7 hanging baskets in Brook Farm Road.  The Committee has been looking at ways in which we can save money as we have had no income since the New Year’s Disco and Frank believes we should have a larger ‘fall-back’ fund if possible. Having said that, we do have a credit balance of £9.47 more than at the same time last year, which is good having regard to the recession.  Don Tricker then asked if he could see a Revenue Report as this would prove essential if and when we come to seek a grant and the grant makers would want to see such information.  Frank agreed this would not present a problem and Don repeated his offer of SADCIC’s help with completing the application forms.

6 Social ReportTerry Barrow explained that we no longer have a designated Social Secretary as the task is rather onerous for one person.  Instead the Committee seeks volunteers for each specific event and this has worked quite well.  During the coming year we plan to have a Spring Music Night (Saturday May 29th), the Summer Fete (Saturday July 24th), an Autumn Music Night (4th Sept), the children’s Halloween (Saturday 30th Oct) and the New Year Disco.   It has been decided that we will not hold the Autumn Music Night on 30th October during the Music Festival as it was poorly supported last year due to similar events being run in the town.  The September event takes it place. Terry explained we have all been very busy this year and we need to restrict our activities to a manageable level.  Most of the Committee members are working people and the problem we have is of having enough free time. We plan to make the Summer Fun Day virtually self supporting by using an outside company to provide rides and food and we will continue to run our own bar and  will feature a youth band.

We have continued to lend our equipment to other organisations such as the school fete and to PASTEL.

Don Tricker then suggested that perhaps we might consider a joint social event with SADCIC next year and Terry confirmed we can discuss this at a later date.

7 Membership ReportIan Tickle advised that in 2008 we had a total membership of 312 and our current membership has reduced to 212, which shows a reduction of about one-third.  He has examined the road reps’ returns and it would appear that each round is down by a few.  We have also lost a few road reps and are hoping to recruit a few more.  Lorraine and Andy Rodway, in particular, have done an excellent job, for which he thanked them.

Don Tricker said that from his experience it is sometimes necessary to call at some properties two or three times to secure a member and if the recruitment drive takes place in the summer, many families are away.  Ian assured the meeting that plans are in hand to produce the next newsletter early next month and every effort will be made to get them distributed to the road reps as soon as they are available.

Ian explained that he will not be offering himself for re-election this year as he has other commitments doing an Open University course, which takes up most of his free time.  He is, however, happy to continue to produce membership cards, leaflets, posters etc and will help elsewhere if at all possible.  Neil Thomson has agreed to administer the membership records but may need someone to assist in co-ordinating the ‘troops’.  Both Chris Lucas and Ron Ashford indicated they are prepared to assist as road reps.

Don Tricker queried whether the membership recruitment drive is cost effective. Ian explained that for some time he has been trying to come up with an idea for automatic payment of membership fees, eg Direct Debit, or payment via Pay Pal. However this has not proved practical.





















8 Amendments to the ConstitutionTerry pointed out that under (5) of the Constitution it stipulates that the executive Committee should be a minimum of 8 to 12 people.   This is thought to be too many and as we only have a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Membership and Secretary. Others have agreed to assist in the social activities, and 6 to 8 would suffice. It was proposed, therefore, that there should be a minimum of six officers on the committee. This was put to the meeting and the vote in favour was unanimous.




9 Chairman’s report – Barry Jones.Barry arrived at this point in the meeting. He apologised for his lateness and explained that as he has changed jobs this year and now works in London it is very difficult for him to get home early. It is for this reason that he does not wish to offer his services for re-election as Chairman and it is known that he tried to resign from the post at last year’s AGM. He has tried to do his best in the post but recognises he has not been available as much as he would have wished.  He is happy to remain an ex-officio committee member and will continue to help with social events wherever possible.

On behalf of the Committee, Brenda thanked Barry for his efforts on behalf of BFRA in the past.

10 Chairman: Terry BarrowProposed by: Frank McGowan

Seconded by: Lorraine Rodway

There being no other nominations or objections, motion carried unanimously.


Vice Chairman: Neil Thomson

Terry explained that although Neil could not be with us this evening he had indicated he would be prepared to continue in the role of Vice Chairman.

Proposed by: Terry Barrow

Seconded by: Barry Jones

There being no other nominations objections, motion carried unanimously.


Treasurer : Frank McGowan

Proposed by : Terry Barrow

Seconded by: Kurt Norman

There being no other nominations objections, motion carried unanimously.


Secretary: Brenda Gibberd

Proposed by: Terry Barrow

Seconded by: Ian Tickle

There being no other nominations objections, motion carried unanimously.


Membership Manager:

In view of Ian’s resignation, Neil had agreed to co-ordinate the records and, with the help of volunteers from the committee who will help with the organising of road reps.

There being no other nominations objections, motion carried unanimously.


Social Secretary

Terry explained that ideally we need a co-ordinator for the social events. However  there were no volunteers.



Bar Manager: Tracy McMullan

Proposed by: Terry Barrow

Seconded by: Brenda Gibberd

There being no other nominations or objections, motion carried unanimously.


Ex-officio Committee Members.

Kurt  and Alison Norman

Lorraine and Andy Rodway

Matt Brinded

Chris Lucas

Barry Jones

Steve and Mandy Jordan

There being no objections raised to any of these delegates, motion carried unanimously.
























































Any other businessBFRA Website.


Our Webmaster, Neil Thomson submitted a report in his absence:

“The website popularity has increased dramatically since its re-launch in July 2009. We had 74 visitors in July and so far in April we have had 210.

This would suggest that users have book marked our website and return regularly. The website is the most flexible and cost effective method of communicating with the residents and therefore must be maintained with regular updates.

I have attempted to entice more visitors by including local news, weather and criminal activity.  When sensible, I have also added items that I have found interesting such as the recent update to Google Maps. The key t relevance has been to ensure that any addition has a local element and doesn’t include any strong opinion on the subject matter.

I am looking for further suggestions from the committee to improve the site with further comment.  Any planning applications are also of great interest and I will work on sourcing information on the Rendham Road development.”

Neil provided statistics which show there has been a steady increase of visitors to the website each month making a total of 3436 since July last year.

Autumn Music Night on 4th September 2010


A new local band called “The Invited” has been ‘invited’ to play at the BFRA Music Night on 4th September. Http:// Finding a band with a good local fan base is a way of assuring good attendance at the event.





SADCIC has been mentioned earlier in these minutes and Don Tricker was invited to give a brief explanation of the aims of the organisation. He advised that since the Middle School will cease to be used as a school in two years it is hoped it can be put to a wide community use.  Public meetings are to be held at the Middle School on Friday May 14th at 7.30pm and on Saturday May 15th at 10am where their plans will be outlined in detail. All are welcome and they need support and volunteers to help with the preparations.  Volunteers can telephone the following :

Phil Peeling on 60484

Robin Potter on 602177

Don Tricker on 604944

A new community centre would be a great boost to the Town as has happened in the neighboring towns of Wickham Market, Framlingham, and Leiston.  It is hoped it may be possible to include an internet cafe, library, doctor’s surgery and police and create a multi-function resource centre for social events and conferences.


11.4 Hanging BasketsBFRA sponsored 7 baskets last year at a cost of £189. Terry proposed that we increase the amount to 10 for this year. We need to send out newsletters earlier this year (middle May) and collect membership money as soon as possible after that to enable payment to Saxmundham in Bloom. BFRA will publicise the fact that baskets are purchased for the area with membership money and so far many people have remarked on this successful venture. It is intended to mention this in the next newsletter. Although each basket carries a small card indicating who has sponsored it, Kurt suggested that it is difficult to read as it is in the basket itself and soon gets obliterated by the foliage.  Ian said he would prepare some laminated cards which can be placed lower down on the lamp post.
11.4 TreesBrenda mentioned that she has sent an e-mail to Suffolk Coastal asking what, if anything, they plan to do about dead and vandalised trees on the estate. To date she has not received a reply. It was suggested that a further e-mail be sent for the attention of Ann Westover at Suffolk Coastal or, alternatively, we could contact the clerk Maddie at the Market Hall who  would ensure that a message is passed on.

Chris Lucas suggested we could ask also what they intend to do about the vandalised street names.






12 Date of next Committee meetingTuesday, 25th May, 8pm at The Bell.