Nov 2013

Minutes of Committee Meeting

Monday 25th November 2013



Present at meeting


Colin Dennison, Roy and Margaret Venables, Carolyn and Nigel Hiley, Tracy Brinded, Terry Barrow (part time) and Breda Gibberd.



Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Ian Tickle, Dave and Chris Martin and Pam McGowan.



Minutes of last meeting


These were read and there being no matters arising, were accepted.



Treasurer’s report


Colin had emailed the figures to the Committee  prior to the meeting.  We have spent quite heavily over the past few weeks and have just about broken even with the recent events, i.e the Halloween Party and the November Music Night.  Currently we have about £1100 in the bank.  We have approximately 2½ barrels of lager and beer left over from the Music Night which is usable until the New Year.  The meeting discussed how this could be used up e.g. at a Quiz Night some time between now and Christmas or, possibly, sold on to licensed premises.  A decision will have to be made quickly as if the decision is to sell it on we will need to obtain a license.  Brenda will ‘phone the Poachers Pocket to see if they are interested.






An application has gone in for £8000 and we should receive a decision just before Christmas.  Suffolk County Council will be contributing £1000 and the Fromus Centre also hope to donate £1,000 to run their own event to open just before BFRA and close when BFRA event opens.






Halloween Party


Our party coincided with the Kelsale Bonfire Night so attendance was not as high as we would have hoped.  However those that did attend enjoyed themselves.



Music Night 16th November


The break-up of the previously booked band was unfortunate but we were able to obtain the services of The Nolan Brothers and the event went ahead


as planned.   The event was not as well attended as usual but we managed to break even financially.



Children’s Christmas Party


This is going ahead as planned. Ian has designed a poster which is already being displayed.  Tracy is limiting food to snacks rather than sandwiches and Carolyn and Jess will help wrap Santa’s gifts.



Web site


Ian was not able to be present at this meeting but he has done an excellent job of updating our web site – even including the exciting news that the Bell is just about to re-open under new management as a family restaurant. Doors open on 1st December and it is to be known as The Bell at Sax.  Good news indeed!



Chutney and Bread Festival


Initial approaches have already been made to Waitrose and Tesco who have agreed in principle to donate some cheese for this event.  No firm date has yet been decided and Brenda will write to both to confirm what we need and to ask Waitrose whether it would be possible to use what were the old auction rooms in Fromus Square which is now owned by them and which is very central.  Terry is in negotiation with an independent wine merchant in Aldeburgh who is unlikely to give any free wine but may come along to advise on the wines. Sometime in February has been suggested or this event.




2014 Sax Music Festival


Terry has been doing a lot of research ‘behind the scenes’ but no firm decisions can be taken until we have news about our funding application.

It is hoped that we will make money from the bars.



Parking in Book Farm Road


Terry attended the meeting on 22nd October at the Sax Primary School. Consideration is being given to having double yellow lines on the school side only in front the school and its field but it is extremely unlikely there will be any other changes elsewhere in Brook Farm Road.   Tracy observed that during the recent Christmas Fair at the school, vehicles had parked on one side only and the effect was to allow a free flow of traffic.




















Any other business


Music Night, March 2014


It was decided we should have another Music Night next March but it is essential we find a band which already has a good following to ensure good attendance.


Action Sax


Colin and Carolyn attended the last meeting at which some 40 or 50 people were present but there is not yet any indication of much happening. There is to be another meeting in March at which one of the things under discussion will be a re-branding of Action Sax into an aptly named Community action group. In this way they are more likely to be able to get funding in the future.  Suzie Powerling is developing a Sax website at the moment and Nigel asked if there might be some sort of link with our own web pages.


As an aside, Nigel mentioned there had been a BBC Panorama programme about the problem of dog mess. Some towns had adopted the idea of spraying the offending matter with a type of fluorescent paint to bring attention to the problem.  Terry said this is already happening in Aldeburgh but he wonders whether it will solve anything in the long term.




Date of next committee meeting


Monday 13th January 2014.


Happy Christmas to all and a Merry New Year.