Nov 2016

Minutes of Committee Meeting

Wednesday 9th November 2016


1 Present at meeting

Terry Barrow, Nigel and Carolyn Hiley, Christine and David Carpenter, Roy and Margaret Venables. Pam McGowan and Brenda Gibberd.

2 Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Colin Dennison, Ian Tickle, Tracy Brinded and Kevin and Jane Gale.

3 Minutes of last meeting

The Minutes were read and, there being no matters arising, were approved.

4 Treasurer’s report

As Colin was not present at this meeting there was no report but it can be assumed there has been little change from the figures give in the 5th October Minutes.

5 Children’s Halloween party.

The meeting discussed the fact that we have to pay £40 for the hire of the school hall for this event.  We make no charge to them for the use of our marquees so we will need to speak with the school before the next event whether we can come to some arrangement as most of the children concerned attend Sax Primary School. The event costs us about £300 to hire entertainment and provide sweets and we are not doing it for profit.

(The collection on the night produced very little in return).



Sax Music Fest 2017

Terry has had a meeting with Suffolk Coastal who have suggested that we form a Community Interest Company to ensure that jointly or individually we do not become liable for any activities we may organise.  This does not have to be charitable. They have suggested we obtain quotations from management consultants to produce a formal business plan which that company would direct with a proper timetable. This is likely to cost in the region of £10,000 to £15,000 which, it is hoped, would be funded by Suffolk Coastal from one of it’s funding schemes. Terry will find out more about this and get the necessary quotations but the funding scheme does not start until April 2017.

We are still awaiting £500 from Suffolk Coastal District Council for the winning of the Community Enabling Awards. Although we have applied for funding from Aviva it looks unlikely that we will be successful as the voting for us is poor. Terry has booked a 7 piece tribute band act for the festival at a special price of £1,000. Name to be released in the New Year. If it transpires there is a lack of adequate funding for the 2017 Music Fest a backup plan will be to book the Market Hall for 29th July 2017 and have a special Music Night with the same tribute band. Terry assures everyone that this will be a sell out if that occurs. In other words, our layout would be collected via admission tickets. This, together with income from the bar should more than cover our expenses.

If the Music Festival goes ahead, consideration is also being given to some fringe events. For example, local businesses may wish to run their own events or competitions to coincide with our own   on 29th July 2017. Bob at The Deli has already expressed interest in this idea, as does The Church.

Terry has also approached some green energy companies to see whether   one of them may be interested in providing ‘green’ power for a second small stage.

Terry has spoken to Kevin and Jane who are planning to move from the area. However, they are willing to still keep the Festival website going and have some fresh ideas.

7. Christmas Tree Display in the church.

Volunteers from the Committee had a meeting prior to this one to discuss ideas for dressing the tree.  It is planned to use the colours from our BFRA logo and to feature various photographs of this year’s Music Fest and other events together with some ‘musical’ images which can be hung on the tree.

Terry will provide some photos and  the framed winners’ picture from when we won The Suffolk Coastal Business s and Communities Award. There will be another meeting about this on Friday 11th November. The meeting agreed we may spend about £30 on materials for decorations and an absolute maximum of £50. Brenda has loaned some lights.

8. Membership

Despite Carolyn’s best efforts we have not been able to secure any more members. Although it was a disappointment that we are short on membership this year, Carolyn was instructed to call it a day on collections. This is too late in the year to go collection and it is felt she does not need the constant monthly reporting of this. It was also noted that a number of streets/houses had not been collected from.

The final figure is 260 which is quite a lot less than last year, the best ever.  Terry assured Carolyn that she had done her best and maybe next year we can get some more collectors or find an alternative way to generate more interest in membership. We will think again about extending membership to other areas of the town and how this may be achieved.

9 Web site

Nothing to report

10 Christmas Newsletter

It was decided not to go ahead with this as there is insufficient time and the costs cannot be justified.

11 Any other business

With a view to new ideas for fundraising for the 2017 Music Fest, Colin and Terry have organised a group to attend a race night in Stratford St Andrew on Saturday to see how it is run and to assess the possible income achieved. Any other fund-raising ideas will be appreciated. Terry has been told that Ken Howe is no longer planning any Music Nights in the Market Hall next year. If we were to undertake these events again it would need to be on the basis of BFRA booking the hall, providing Security and retaining all proceeds from the bar. The running of a live music event would have to be rigorously looked at.

8.2 Date of next committee meeting

There will be no more formal meetings this year but we will be attending The Bell on Friday, 2nd December. Please make your meal choices as soon as possible and payments to Terry by the end of next week (latest).  The date for the first 2017 meeting to be advised.