Oct 2013

Present at meeting


Terry Barrow, Ian Tickle, Colin Dennison, Carolyn & Nigel Hiley, Pamela McGowan, Chris and Dave Martin, Tracy Brinded, Roy and Margaret Venables and Brenda Gibberd.


Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Jess Spall who has not been well.  The meeting send her their best wishes for a speedy recovery.


Minutes of last meeting


These  were read and accepted – there being no matters arising.


Treasurer’s Report


Colin had already circulated figures for the period 16th September to 20th October 2013 which show a credit balance amounting to of £1914.47. There are 3 outstanding bills to be paid which will leave us with about £1400 in the account. The Jade night brought in approximately £400 in profit and the meeting agreed that we would give half of this to Jade.  Terry will give Brenda contact details so she can do a covering letter explaining how the sum is calculated.





Applications for funding are on-going for next year’s proposed Music Event and the figures in the application will be carefully checked before being submitted.   It is hoped BFRA will be in a position to contribute about £2,000 and the remaining £6,000 to come from funding and donations. It is hoped we will have confirmation of funding within the next month.




Halloween Party for children, Saturday November 2nd.


As Neil and Debbie are no longer able to supervise this  event Tracy and Dave Martin have kindly stepped into the breach.   Tracy will make contact with Debbie to ascertain what confectionery is left over so she knows whether or not we will have to buy additional supplies.  Dave will organise equipment and supplies for the teas and coffees and, with the help of Ken Howe’s van, will organise and set up the gazebo. When next he sees Ken



Dave will ask him whether he would be prepared to let us use his van any time we need to transport our equipment in the future.  He will suggest a payment of, say, £25 per time.  


Music Night, 16th November.


Terry has learned that one member of the Growlers band has left them but the rest will carry on for the time being and will be available for this event.  Dave will ask Ken Howe if we can borrow his van to transport the gazebos etc.  Bar stock : Tracy has sufficient  stocks of spirits, wines and mixers but will need to order some lager.  The meeting discussed whether a small barrel would suffice but it was decided that  we should get a full sized one rather than run the risk of running out.  Terry has had tickets printed and at least 60 are already earmarked for sale.  There followed a discussion about the best way to advertise this and future events.  Terry suggested that we need a Press Officer and Brenda agreed she is prepared to undertake this job but will need a list of Terry’s contacts.   Terry will promote the Music Night on Twitter.


Childrens Christmas Part Sunday 15th December.


The Fromus Centre is booked at a cost of £36 from 2pm until 5pm. Tracy will purchase gifts for the children and Carolyn offered to help her wrap these. The meeting discussed ways to promote the party to parents on the Brook Far Estate.   A flyer was suggested but Terry said it was unfair to expect Tracy to distribute these on her own and it was decided Tracy should ask the school to put something on their notice board.  Ian will do a few posters for the school gates and Brenda will send details to the Saxmundham News which should come out during November.  This will explain that numbers are limited and will be on a first come first served basis and use Tracy’s ‘phone number as a contact.  The disco will operate from 3.30 until 5pm. The children will be asked to wear Christmas themed fancy dress.  Tracy hopes that the total cost will be less than the £500 spent last year as she has made some savings this time.


Web site


Neil has indicated he will continue with this in the very short term but we will need someone else to take it on soon, particularly since we want to impress the Funding people.  Ian kindly offered to do this but he will need details of the host and the password.  Terry will get this information to him.


Saxmundham Carnival and BFRA Music Fest 2014.


The date has been confirmed as Saturday 19th July.  Our proposed music event will be subject to funding being available but some quotations have already been obtained from stage and lighting companies and various bands.  There has been a lot of discussion about the venue but it is now likely to be the Memorial Field.


Any other business


Chris Martin mentioned she has had a ‘phone call from Pauline on behalf of the Carlton Park play area concerning our suggestion that they may wish to run a raffle at our next Music Night.  They indicated they already have a raffle and tombola planned on their firework night so another raffle may be too much.


Colin suggested to the meeting that we might consider organising a Chutney Festival during the spring of next year. A suggested venue would be is the old Auction Room which is owned by Waitrose.  He will make preliminary contact with Waitrose to see if they would be interested and whether they would be prepared o contribute cheese and biscuits etc. Tescos could also be asked for a contribution.  An independent wine supplier could be approached also to see if they would donate a few bottles.  An approach has also been made to the local WI and we are awaiting their comments.


Parking in Brook Farm Road.  A meeting is taking place on Tuesday 22nd October at the Brook Farm Primary School to discuss the parking problems in Brook Farm Road.  This meeting has been requested by the bus company. There are to be representatives present from the School; Police (Emergency Services); Sax Town Council; BFRA; and local residents. The agenda includes possible actions including a letter to parents, change of bus times, introduction of double yellow lines either on the South or North of the road, Police enforcement and any other suggestions.


Date of next Committee meeting


To be advised.