Oct 2015

Minutes of Committee Meeting

Wesdesday 28th October 2015


  Before starting the usual meeting, we were joined by Amber Brinkley, Community Liasion Officer for Sizewell C. The reason for her visit was not intended to be a formal presentation but to make herself known to us as a point of contact should we have any questions about the proposed Sizewell C project.   She is hoping to meet with other groups such as WI members, PTA’s etc on an informal basis and in fact any group who would like an opporturnity to ask questions.

She explained that the consultation procedure for Phase 2 of the project is nearing completion and a decision will be made shortly, probably by the end of this year. There are some facilities that will need to be decided including final locations for the Park and Ride sites. At each stage of agreement there will be questionnaires for the public to complete.

At this point, Roy Venables said that he had heared a report that the Sizewell C type of reactor has now been superceded by an alternative French designed system which has less impact on the environment. Amber responded by saying EDF are looking at a number of other methods of providing power including wind and wave generation but, to meet current needs, the Sizewell C reactor is needed to be able to supply power to the whole region until the alternative methods can be fully investigated.

To make the whole operation more cost effective, they will be holding spares for all the other reactors in the UK .

Carolyn Hiley then asked why the reactor is being being proposed so close to a coast which is known is suffering from erosion. Amber told us that the

erosion situation is being very carefully monitored both by local inspection and from the air, Deep concrete reinforcement has also been provided and was in no way compromised by last year’s high water levels.

When asked, Amber advised that the average life of a reactor is 60 years.

The Park and Ride sites for personnel have not yet been finalised but are likely to be at Darsham and Farnham, near Wickham Market. An alternative site is also been looked at near Hacheson. It is intended that temporary rail links be provided to reduce the amount of heavy vehicles needed to transport supplies etc and to lessen the impact on some of the smaller villages.

Amber strongly recommends that if anyone is interested in a tour of the Sizewell plant they should attend one of the daily tours that are available. However, it is necessary to book these in advance (3 weeks approx). There is also an information office at 48-50, High Street, Leiston, IP16 4EW where anybody can ask questions. The telephone numer is 01728 833891

1 Present at meeting


Ian Tickle, Terry Barrrow, Roy and Margaret Venables, Carolyn Hiley, Kevin and Jane Gale, Peter Thomas, Sally Pearson and Brenda Gibberd.


3 Minutes of last meeting


These were read and, there being no matters arising, were accepted.


4 Treasurer’s report


As Colin is still working in Croatia no financial report is available. However there has been very little change since last month and the combined amount in the bank is around £10,000. There is a balance due for the Halloween disco of £110.













Halloween Friday 31st October


Everything is in hand for this event. Ian has checked with the school that the hall is available to us from 4.30 until 8.30pm which will allow plenty of time to set up. Tracy has the sweets and soft drinks organised and the guy providing the disco will set up his own equipment. Ian will give Jerry a ring tomorrow to see if we can have use of his Halloween decorations which need to be returned to him immediately after the event.   There are some

decorative lights stored in Chris Lucas’ garage which Terry will try to retrieve if he has time.   It has been decided that we will not use a gazebo. The usual collection bucket will appear, as if by magic, at the end!














5.2 Other social events


Terry has indicated he is no longer willing to be involved in any future Market Hall events. This is due to the fact that on a number of occasions in the past he has had to stay very late to clear up afterwards without any help.   We need to find someone who is willing to run music or other events on our behalf where we can run the bar, which is where we can make the most money to enhance our funds. Terry has already aproached a couple of people about this idea but so far nobody has come forward.


There followed a discussion about how to advertise for the type of person we are looking for. Various suggestions were made including the website, Streetlife and the next newsletter, although the latter may not happen until well into 2016.


6 Sax Music Fest 2016


We still need to set up a committee for this event. Carolyn has agreed to organise the catering and has already been in touch with the pizza people, the veggie van, the butcher in Sax for a BBQ, the sweets and smoothie bus and stalls for coffees, chocolate brownies and ice cream. She has spoken also to the owners of both The Deli and Trinity’s in Sax who have indicated they would both like to be involved. However, Carolyn needs to have further details of what is proposed for the Friday so she make an informed decision about whether both companies should be included on either or both of these days.


We will need to obtain a license for the Friday as curently this is not covered by our Premises Licence.


First Aid and Security people also need to be contacted.


7 Web site


With the hep of Kevin it is hoped this can be redesigned for the new year.





8 Any other business


9 Date of next meeting


Wednesday, 2nd December, 7.3opm at the Sax Social Club.