Oct 2016

Minutes of Committee Meeting

Wednesday 5th October 2016


1 Present at meeting


Terry Barrow, Colin Dennison, Carolyn Hiley, Christine and David Carpenter Ian Tickle, Roy and Margaret Venables and Brenda Gibberd.


2 Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Kevin and Jane Gale. Nigel Hiley, Tracy Brinded and Pam McGowan.


3 Minutes of last meeting


The Minutes of the August meeting were read and, there being no matters arising, were approved


4 Treasurer’s report


Colin advised the BFRA bank account is currently £8829.75 with an amount due from Suffolk Coastal District Council of £500.   There are no monies owing.




Children’s Halloween party Friday 28th October 2016


The school hall and the disco have been booked. Terry told the meeting that we have booked Mr Bean Entertainments who regularly do children’s parties and they have agreed a price of £150. We have access to the hall between 4.30 and 7.30pm and the event itself is timed from 5 until 7pm. Tracy has agreed to be there but she will need help in setting up the marquees, decorations etc. Roy and Carolyn will help and Ian will also attend, work commitments permitting.   Brenda will design a poster for the event. (Christine would like a copy of the poster to be emailed to her as soon as approved as she would like to show it to one of our members). It was suggested that a good source of decorations at reasonable prices is BM at Pakefield (just behind Homebase). We need a vehicle to transport the two smaller marquees and Terry will contact Julian Wallis and Ian to contact David Rowe to see if they can assist with a van. This will be needed around 3.30pm and Terry will contact Keith to establish what time we can get into the building.















6 Music Fest 2016


The Treasurer circulated a finance report setting out the cost of this year’s Music Fest. The total cost amounted to £29,391.11.   We have a balance of   £1953.25 in the Music Fest account to carry forward to next year.


7 Music Fest 2017


The Town Council have indicated their continuing support for the Fest as they believe it is a very good thing for the town. They have said they are opposed to there being any charge for admission. They have asked for a breakdown of the likely costs and Colin has provided some forecasts based on the premise that we can make some savings in certain areas and maintaining the music workshops is considered to be essential.


As a result of our success in running the Music Fest, BFRA are proud to announce that we are winners of the Suffolk Coastal Business and Communities Awards Enabling Communities Award. There were 6 finalists and we are the winners having received about 900 votes. We would like to thank all those who voted for us as this will be of great help with our applications for funding for next year’s Festival and the £500 award will be put towards the event.


Terry plans to set up a management committee to undertake the planning of the Festival for 2017. A separate working committee will involve Members of BFRA to be allocated specific tasks. We will be applying for funding to set up a business case and business plan as the more professional we appear, the better our chances of obtaining funding and running a profitable sustained event.


As it now seems certain that a skate park will be erected in the Memorial Field, it has been suggested that, depending on its precise location, it may prove possible to use it for additional seating at next year’s event. We may have to consider a slight movement of stage and attractions facing different direction.


8 Web site.


The meeting agreed that the web site needs urgent updating. Ian, our webmaster, has not had the time to rectify this due to work commitments. Currently we pay about £60 per annum via WordPress, but to have it redesigned professionally could be quite costly.

Ian apologised for the delay in updating it and will make every effort to do this as quickly as possible. In particular he needs to include details of the Halloween party and update the Minutes of meetings. It is interesting to note that there were a lot more visitors to the web site around the time of the Music Fest.












9 Membership


Unfortunately, not all subscriptions have been collected. We are very grateful to our volunteers who give up their own time to help and it is hoped that the few outstanding collections can be completed quickly and the funds paid over to Carolyn. It is hoped that we will maintain membership at last year’s level.


10 Newsletter


There followed a discussion as to whether or not we should produce a newsletter. As we have no particular ‘news’ to relay it was decided that we will not have another newsletter this year but we will send a simple Christmas message with a reminder of what we are about together with details of Committee members’ phone numbers. Brenda will prepare a draft

A4 single page to be folded. Colin offered to get a price from Leiston Pres to have this printed on thin card so it is easier to put through letter boxes. It was also discussed the quickest option to distribute it.













Any other business


Christmas Party


The meeting discussed a Children’s Christmas party this but it was decided that as there is already a lot going on around Christmas time we could arrange something for the children next year in early Spring, around Easter.









Litter Pick


There will be a litter pick by volunteers on Monday 10th October in the afternoon between 2.30 and 3.30pm.   Terry will pick up the Hi-viz jackets from store and the team will meet at the Brook Farm Road end of Long Avenue.

























Christmas Tree Display


Roy and Margaret asked the meeting if they would be interested in having a Christmas Tree on display in the church as almost every other local organisation is represented. Votes are cast as to which is the best tree and there is a main prize for the winner. The meeting agreed this is a good idea.

Brenda thinks she may have some spare lights and baubles and Margaret has a spare tree. Ideas are wanted as to how we can decorate the tree and incorporate the BFRA logo.


Other fund raising ideas.


Fund raising ideas were discussed for the music fest 2017. Colin explained the concept of Race Night, perhaps in the Market Hall, where bets are placed on the outcome of a filmed horse race and various alternatives concerning horses. He will investigate this idea in more detail. Terry may arrange a quiz based on the ‘Whose Wine Is It Anyway’. Both ideas could potentially raise a considerable amount of money and are set to arranged in early 2017.


Date of next meeting


Wednesday,9th November 2016 at 7.30 pm.





All committee