Sept 2013

Minutes of  Committee Meeting

Monday 16th September 2013



1. Present at meeting


Terry Barrow, Ian Tickle, Colin Dennison, Carolyn & Nigel Hiley, Pamela McGowan, Chris and Dave Martin, Tracy Brinded, Roy and Margaret Venables and Brenda Gibberd.



















































































































































































Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Neil Thomson.


Minutes of last meeting


These  were read and accepted – there being no matters arising.


Treasurer’s Report


Colin had already circulated figures for the period 12th July to 16th September which show a credit balance in the bank account of £1455.04. The Fun Day costs were somewhat higher than the income but this was more than covered by Membership fees which amounted to £969.00.  We are also owed some money which should bring our bank balance up to around £1700.




Childrens Halloween Party 2nd November


This is being organised as usual by Neil and Debbie. Two awnings will be required, one of which is with Tracy.  Transport has now become  a problem as  we no longer have Dave’s car.  All Committee members were asked to give thought as to how this may be solved.


Music Night 16th November


Terry will organise the license and Tracy will run the bar.  The band Growlers has been booked.


Children’s Christmas Party Sunday 15th December.


Tracy will organise this as previously. A disco has been booked at a cost of £80 which shows a saving on the one last year which was a lot more. She plans to make additional savings by doing things slightly differently. Terry will check that the Fromus Hall is booked for this event and arrange payment.





Dave reported that all the road reps worked extremely hard to do the door-to-door collections and, together with £190 collected at the Fun Day, the total collected is £969.00.  A prize of £20 was paid to the lucky ticket holder.  Terry asked Dave if he is willing to act as Membership co-ordinator next year.  Dave will think about this and let Terry know as soon as possible but before the next AGM in April 2014.


Action Sax.


Nigel has joined Action Sax – Quality of Life in the Community Action Group. He attended a recent meeting in the Gannon Rooms and there is another meeting to be held in Farnham St.Andrew in November to formulate matters and start making plans. Action Sax has come about as a result of a questionnaire sent out to all the residents of Saxmundham and its surrounding villages to establish what local people want to make their town a better place to live in.  The questionnaire produced a 25% response which is considered good as it was quite a lengthy document.   It has been identified there are 15 key areas which they want to work on, including quality of life and the environment; more facilities for youngsters; the skate park (which has been on-going for some time); somewhere for young people to meet; a full time youth worker; to improve the situation regarding dog waste and the provision of allotments.  The Town Council have now received 9 applications for allotments so by law these have to be provided. Priority will be given to the skate park and somewhere for young people to meet.


It is believed that Suffolk Coastal have some £200,000 Funding which is money already received under Section 106 where developers get planning permission to build dwellings on the understading they will make this money available for local amenties.   The second phase of Hopkins Homes should generate a further £500,000 to £600,000 and it is hoped the new Rendham Road development by Taylor Woodrow, (behind the one that has already been started) will bring in additional funds.   It is hoped that some of the money can be used to increase the size of the health centre at Lambsale Meadow by building an additional storey above the existing premises.


There have been several suggestions as to where the skate park might be located including somewhere near the railway station; Carlton Park or near Fromus Hall.   Action Sax welcome as much interconnection as possible from all the various groups in and around Saxmundham.  With regard to Carlton Park, they questioned whether this would be a viable venue.   Colin, who has done some research into this, undertook to let Nigel know  the answer to this matter as soon as possible.


Playground equipment


Chris Martin mentioned that she had been trying to locate someone at Carlton Park to discuss the children’s play area and the state of the equipment there but so far nobody has returned her calls.  Colin said he will try to find out who is responsible and let her know.


Also, some of the equipment in the play area adjacent to the A12 is in need of repair which is the responsibility of Suffolk Coastal.


Requests to run a bar


BFRA have agreed to run a bar for JADE on 12th October at the Market Hall. Terry will organise the license.  This should bring us additional income.





The Football Club have again asked us to run a bar for them in November, date to be confirmed.  There followed a discussion about how we can insure that we do not lose money on events which are not our own.  It was decided that we would write a letter to the football club pointing out that in the unlikely event any of their functions has poor attendance, we would not be able to make such a large donation (if at all) as was possible at the last one.   Brenda will draft a letter for Terry’s approval.  Tracy went on to add that it would be helpful if the football club date was before our own Music Night so that any remaining beer can be utilised then.


Lock Up


For some time Chris Lucas has kindly allowed us to use part of is garage to store our equipment.  He has now told Terry that he needs to use this space for himself so we should find an alternative store. Dave Martin said he may be able to find somewhere suitable at a cost of about £20 per month. However this is some distance away and if anyone knows of something nearer, which must be secure, please let Terry or Dave know.


In any case it was suggested that when third parties ask to borrow equipment such as awnings they be asked to collect and return it themselves, thus saving at least some of our transport problems.


Proposed Sax Carnival Saturday 19th July 2014.


Terry and Colin have attended a meeting with the various bodies who are planning the proposed revival of the Sax Carnival. These include The Town Council, BOS, SADCIC and BFRA.  Nothing has yet been decided but the plan is to close the High Street from 12noon to allow stalls along the High Street.   The Carnival parade will start at around 4pm and this will be followed by music from 5pm until 10 pm.   BFRA will organise the evening music and run a bar.


It is hoped that the children’s entertainment will be in Fromus Square, in Flicks car park and also along the High Street and will include steam engine rides, donkey rides etc.  Floats, which will be organised by BOS, could start from Carlton Park Industrial Estate.   A shuttle service will run from the High Street to whatever venue is agreed for the music events which will include a range of bands to suit all tastes.


Funding has to be raised.  It is hoped BFRA will be able to donate £1,000 and Michael Gower, County Councillor, will make a sum available from his Locality Budget.  Awards for All will also be approached asking for a possible donation of £6000 to £8000.  When full details are known, the Saxmundham Town Council will be approached in the hope that they too will support this event.


Ken Howe has been elected Chairman of the Carnival Committee and he has suggested the Town Clerk may be asked to act as Treasurer.  Ken will talk to BOS, Waitrose and Tesco and will  ask BOS if they can organise the food.


There are a number of venues under consideration for the music:


Fromus Centre

Memorial Field

Carlton Park

High School Field

Hopkins’ land

Langley House Garden


It is hoped this event will attract between 700 and 1000 visitors.


The Carnival Committee will meet again on September 24th in the Fromus Centre starting at 7pm.


The Carnival will be the same time as Latitude but it is felt that it will attract more of the local residents.


Date of next Committee meeting


8pm Monday 21st October at Saxmundham Social Club.