Sept 2015

Minutes of Committee Meeting

Wednesday, 16th September 2015


1 Present at meeting


Ian Tickle, Terry Barrow, Tracy and Matt Brinded, Nigel and Carolyn Hiley, Roy and Margaret Venables, and Kevin and Jane Gale.


Visitors: Christine and Husband?













Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Brenda Gibberd, Colin Dennison, Pam McGowan and Chris and Dave Martin.





Minutes of last meeting


These were approved.












Treasurer’s Report


As Colin was not present, only a rough estimate of the association’s was given as £9,000 between the two accounts. Approximately £7,000 may be available to go to next years Sax Fest event.









5 Halloween Disco

Tracy available again to do the sweet stall at the event. Ian is also available. Two or more volunteers on the evening would make the event go smoothly.

6 Membership

Carolyn reports that 361 members have signed up this year.

Kingfisher Rise and Dove Close have not been done – Terry agreed to do the Kingfisher odd numbers, Tracy was happy to do the even numbers, whilst Roy and Margaret will cover Dove Close.

7 Terry’s SABRE award

Terry brought along the SABRE award plaque he was presented with by the Town Council. He mentioned that this award will be useful in promoting the BFRA and upcoming events we may organise.

8 Sax Fest

Confirmed date Saturday, 23rd July 2016. A sub-committee will need to be formed to organise next year’s event, which could report back to the main committee meetings as a single item, rather than take up a large part of the main meeting.

There were some brief discussions to see if members present might be interested in taking on one of the areas of the Sax Fest organising. (I’m afraid I didn’t note down who was doing what).


As part of the equipment purchased for the musical workshops, BFRA now has 4 electric guitars, amplifiers microphones and stands. These are stored at Ian’s house. Also stored is an electronic drum kit and stool that belongs to Richard, the music director. He has offered them to BFRA for £350, which is the correct price for this second hand. After some discussion it was decided not to purchase them. Ian to write to Richard stating we are not interested in buying them.


Extra funding might be found to fund additional Friday music workshops for adults.


There was some discussion about having a shorter Friday evening session of light music at the site event (say between 6:00 – 10:00pm). BFRA could run the bar on the Friday event and possibly organise a BBQ as well.


Kevin suggested that ‘fringe’ type events could take place around the town over the music festival weekend. Other Saxmundham organisations could be contacted and encouraged to put on small supporting shows, etc.


BFRA will contact the Town Council and officially request a donation of £10,000 for next years event, which BFRA would match. This process could make the event more sustainable year on year.


Finally, a letter from Suffolk Coastal District Environmental Department sent to BFRA stated there had been no complaints about this years event and they were very happy with the outcome.


















Terry re-iterated that he didn’t want to organise any more music events at the Market Hall. A discussion about organising future events followed. It was agreed that BFRA would welcome anyone else within the Saxmundham area that wanted to take on this role, possibly supplying bar facilities if asked.


Nigel mentioned that the popular website ‘Streetlife’ has many discussions about Saxmundham, including the potential purchaser of the White Hart pub – there had be discussions regarding its change of use, etc. The website seems to have become a focal point for discussing highly local news, and could be a potential portal for disseminating BFRA news and activies.


10 Date of next meeting


Wednesday October 28th, 7.30pm at the Sax Social Club.