Reported incident on Brook Farm Road – car tyres damaged


At the last  town meeting a resident of Brook Farm advised that a vehicle parked on Brook Farm Road had the dust caps and valves removed from the tyres causing a very slow but potential dangerous puncture. This has now happened on two separate occasions and has been reported to the police. Please report any unusual activity around cars to the police.

Sizewell C consultation – web links for members


The second phase of consultation is due to start on the proposed Sizewell C reactor near Leiston. As part of the consultation process, the main contractor, EDF wish to hear from local people concerning all areas of the build: construction, environment, transport, communications and community. Sizewell C website.

If you have concerns or questions, please contact Amber Brinkley who is the community Liaison Manager for Sizewell C. She can be contacted on 01728 833891 or Email:

For an alternative viewpoint regarding the proposed new reactor,  ‘Together Against Sizewell C Group (TASC) have a website for more information: